Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Selling: Ibanez Halberd

I must say that this one let me down. Don't get me wrong, it's still a wonderful player, one of the best in my collection. That neck has an Iceman profile so it's a departure from the Wizard profile; chunky but still very playable. It also sounds wonderful with the Duncans on board but the cosmetics simply let me down.

It's not obvious here but the entire neck (especially so for the headstock), had yellowed. The strange thing is, the body isn't affected at all. It's fresh white from day one. The implication - back at the factory, 2 different white concoctions were used that would react differently to temperature & light over time. 

The paint at the neck is also starting to check. Damn! It's happening along the joint lines. So this guitar is now on my to-go list. A painful separation considering the fact that I made it a point to embrace the quirky design of the X-Series when they were still in production. 
  • Selling: Ibanez Halberd (X-series), bag included
  • Cosmetic imperfections: 1) Yellowing neck finish 2) Stained cosmo black hardware finish 3) Finish checking at the neck
  • No reservations/ no trades
  • Coil split volume knob + orange drop cap included
  • Strictly self-collect at CCK mrt station
  • Queries/ confirmation: subversion.sg@gmail.com
  • Special considerations - will reduce price by $50 if buyer is not interested in the Seymour Duncan pickups, no replacements will be offered
  • Price: $400 (final, non-nego)

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