Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ibanez: TS-808 35th

The Ibanez TS-808 35th Anniversary edition is now available at Swee Lee- you'd be surprised with how light the pedal is. For price details, please call the stores.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Sale @ City Music

Maybe this is the event you've been waiting for. As for me, I look forward to it every year. Let's give it to City Music for holding the sale consistently every year. OK, so what I want is out of stock....

PIC: City Music

Friday, November 21, 2014

Haunting the Gates

I'm giving a close listen to these two albums.

At The Gates:

  • Jonas Bjorler: Bass
  • Adrian Erlandsson: Drums
  • Anders Bjorler: Guitars
  • Tomas Lindberg: Vocals
  • Martin Larsson: Guitars
The Haunted:
  • Jonas Bjorler: Bass
  • Adrian Erlandsson: Drums
  • Patrik Jensen: Guitars
  • Marco Aro: Vocals
  • Ola Englund: Guitars
Essentially, the rhythm section of both bands consist of the same people. Conceptually, they propel the same brand of heavy music with much emphasis on memorable riffs. More importantly, both releases do not consist of sub-standard music. This consideration is very much absent in much heavy music because, till today, many people still think that they can get away with distortion. If you have not checked these albums out, please do- it's worth the $$.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Recent re-string adventure- if you look closely, you simply cannot see any fibre or wood grain here. That's right, this fretboard is not wood, it's made from a synthetic material & it's finished in such a way that it's scratch resistant. Well, at least to fingernails. This is a budget acoustic guitar, kindly e-mail me (text me if you have my number) for the brand name. 

There is nothing wrong with non-wood fretboad materials, people at Gibson would tell you this because some of their guitars in the upper tiers do not feature wooden fretboards.

Drop the Luxe

Digitech's Drop & Luxe pedals are now available at Swee Lee for those of us who wish for some detuned moments. Prices are to be confirmed. Some great considerations for the year-end bonus, yes?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014