Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Fender 2018 (2): American Original series

Here's another page in Fender's 2018 offering; the American Original series. The American Original replaces the American Vintage range entirely. Unlike the latter, the new AO series are not period-specific models, they feature 'best of' details from the 50s/ 60s. Fender is looking back to look ahead. 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ibanez 2018 (10): Multi-(in)fluence

The new Ibanez RGDIM6 is not quite about the multi-scale feature (which had been an explored detail the last time round). This is the debut model featuring Fishman's Fluence Modern Humbucker. So I'm gonna sound like a broken record saying that these Fluence active pickups are the current flavour of the technical prog geeks out there. They may/ may not deliver what you want to hear but it's good to see options. Be reminded that the standard RGD features a 26.5" scale length while the  the IM6 is 26.7" at the bass end. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Lollar's aggression

Thank you, Lollar for the heavy addition. That's right, Lollar now offers something for the aggressive among us, also known as the distortion inclined. The new dB model seen here is offered in both bridge & neck positions, 2 or 4 conductors. We know this isn't a Lollar forte but thank you for giving us options. 👍

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Gibson 2018 (5): Semi-double cut

Following their no-show decision at NAMM 2018, Gibson had announced the Semi-hollow Modern Double Cut as being a new model this year at CES 2018. This model was not included in the manufacturer's 2018 announcement done late Fall (2017). No, this is not flak for Gibson for not gathering round the universal guitar watering hole, just a highlight. We should not build walls round those going things their way, yes? There's also a new Flying V to highlight. Soon. Bye.

Ibanez 2018 (9): AEW revisions

There are now four AEWs left in the Ibanez catalog & this is one of them, a new member for 2018 (AEWC400). The thing with the AEW is that Ibanez got carried away with some exotic tops that added much to price without much tonal appeal. In the acoustic realm, players are still after solid tops as a rule of thumb in getting good fundamental tones. That's a really fine serving of flame maple on show there but it's still not a solid top. Yes, it's flamed all round. 

But the surprise package this year is this AEWC300 which features a solid spruce top so maybe Ibanez became a little wiser this year. That same wisdom bestowed both these guitars with revised features: 1) Tail end string inserts so gone are the bridge pins. Not entirely innovative, Takamine (among others) was ahead in this aspect. 2) Elbow rest &...

... 3) Rear cut away bevel. It's these little considerations that propels the Ibanez brand the recognition it deserves. Anyway, enjoy the following teaser:

Pongal greetings to those celebrating today 👍

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Indoor cramp

It's an indoors Saturday. It had been raining since morning, the weather's just too cold to be out & about. Managed to play for an hour or so just before dinner. I chose my Schecter VE-TE here because I was in the mood for some raunchy single coils.

My fingers cramped out on me, this rarely happened. In fact, it's only my second bout with dysfunctional fingers. It's all about the weather with a hint of laziness. Dear friends, please take some time to warm up those digits before you play. Getting a muscle strain simply because you were too inept to care about your hand for the sake of what you love doing, is unforgivable. It need not be a strict fretboard warm up, just get your fingers going in some ways before you play will do. I literally had to straighten those cramped fingers with the other hand & gave it a good massage before continuing play.