Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tone Evidence

Having a ball of a time with my Evidence cable. They say there's good tone to be had in good cables & it's not a myth. I've been through many cables & they range from cheap complementary ones to some costly affairs but they are all worth trying. Evidence Audio are cable specialists, they make audio cables for audio applications & guitar cables are a fraction of what they do. I personally recommend this to players who plug straight into their amps with nothing in between. You can actually hear good tones coming out from your amps & by that you'll hear much clarity & details. I absolutely love how the amp's drive tones get a kick out of it akin to adding a boost type pedal in the chain but there's nothing extra here to lug around, just the cable per se. I currently own the 3m version which I think is quite overkill for domestic applications so I look forward to acquire something shorter & I'd like to try the L-plug type for some guitars I have here which would benefit from this arrangement (eg: Gibson SG). Here's a recommendation list of other brands you should check out if you are into a pedal-free set up, just the guitar & amp (in no particular order of merit):
  • Free The Tone
  • Lava
  • Mogami
  • Monster
PS: Thank you Lisa the cat for being a willing model :-)

Holiday greetings...

Holiday greetings to all blog readers & friends. It's a much needed mid-week break for many of us so sit back & unwind, more importantly, play guitar. It's a whole week's worth of break over at West Malaysia- awesome!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Way Huge: Saucy Box

An interesting release by the Way Huge chaps- the Saucy Box. It's an overdrive with a mixture of cleans in the signals so it's like a 2-in-1 deal with lesser knobs. On my to-check list :-)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gibson: SGJ14 Duncanized

I'm not a Gibson pickup fan so the default '61 humbuckers in this SGJ14 made way for the Seymour Duncans you see here: JB (bridge)/ Pearly Gates Plus (neck).

JB & Distortion are winners in Gibsons. I find the SG benefits from a JB in the bridge because they are complementary; each has some midrange focus to manifest. The PG Plus wasn't made to sound smooth in the neck so the vintage character was quite absent in there, ditto the woman tone upon dialing down the tone control. Everything sounds rather protrusive in this guitar so I need not worry having some muddy notes in there.

Once again- thanks, Beez for the fine electronics handling :-)

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bacchus: BST-1M

Once again, I'm not one to turn away from guitars at the entry end of the price range especially if it's of credible background.

The Bacchus brand name prides itself at being copies- no hiding this. However, they are not people who extend themselves into the realms of piracy. We note their very own brand name at the headstock.

The BST-1 you see here is a Strat copy with a very familiar Strat outline, ditto the tone. The BST-1 offers the beginner very good-value-for-money in terms of QC; above-average to say the least. The Strat-like twang comes courtesy of the pickups & the very appeal of guitars in this price bracket is arguably tone-dependent. Let's be clear that the trio of single coils in this instrument are in-house units. They are not as smooth as you'd expect from a set of vintage Fender electronics but at the distortion end, they are worthy. Ditto the cleans; absolute cracker for the neck & middle pickup but the bridge counterpart sound a little harsh, quite devoid of vintage goodness. All in all, the BSTs (rosewood fretboard version available) are what I'd recommend to enthusiastic beginners who would reserve a Fender at their later playing stages & would want a deserving guitar in the mean time. Personally, it's a winner.

Bacchus: BST-1 M
Availability: Davis GMC
Price: $190

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Selling: BOSS DA-2 (SOLD)

Selling my DA-2. Virtually unplayed :-)
  • Selling: BOSS DA-2 Adaptive Distortion
  • Condition: 9/10
  • No trades/ reservations
  • Self-collect: CCk mrt stn
  • Confirmation/ queries:
  • Price: $79 (final)