Monday, November 30, 2015

Edwards: New E-ST series

We end off November on a good note (no pun intended)- Edwards had just released 2 more variants of its Strat copies. The one above is the E-ST-90.

This one is the E-ST-125. So how different are these from the current E-SE-125 models? The E-ST-90 is everything the E-SE-125 has to offer less 1) Seymour Duncan pickups 2) Custom push-push pickup switch. The E-ST-125 on he other hand, retains the Seymour Duncans but it has no push-push switch like the E-ST-90. Implication- these guitars are even more affordable than the current E-SE-125s due to the differences mentioned so the vlaue-for-money models just got a little more enticing  in terms of price. *smiling*

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Available now: MXR 5150

If you are waiting for this one, if it's on your wish list, if you need your Dad to pay for it because you passed your exam, if your darling had this in mind for your Xmas present- whatever the reason; it's selling fast @ Swee Lee. List: $299

City Music Sale: Recommendations (3)

If you are serious about looking after your instrument, keeping it in tune should be on your 'must do' list. To many of us, keeping in tune simply means getting it to sound right, maybe we have a song reference for this. However, the human ears are rather averse to the broad sound frequencies in general, less those virtuoso pros who are endowed with perfect pitch. All this boils down to having a reliable tuner to keep our tuning in check. There's so much a clip-on tuner could do due to its vibration detection capability, I'd always tell friends to invest in a reputable pedal tuner because a plug-in tuner is more accurate in this aspect (not relying on vibrations).

My pleasant encounter with good pedal tuners started with the Korg Pitch Black series & that was pretty much a bench mark for me when evaluating others of similar functionality. Today, Korg has 3 variants in its PB tuner range as seen above: 1) PB Standard 2) PB Polyphonic 3) PB Custom.

Because I believe in what the PB tuners have to offer in terms of features & durability, I bought myself this Custom version which is essentially a strobe tuner. Strobe type tuners are the best when it comes to intonation (tuning vs intonation- know the difference). If you think your off-the-shelf instruments are spot on with open tunings, wait till you check the intonation at the upper frets. Anyway, the Korg PB series of tuners are my recommendations to you if you wish for a value-for-money pedal unit which aren't costly.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Horror picking

More picking adventure- Friday the 13th theme. You'd be surprised with the number of players who actually buy picks for novelty's sake instead of functionality. My personal reason for buying this- whether the functionality considerations exceed the novelty factors.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Attack of the clone: Tumnus!

Alright- first from a SALE event, Wampler's Tumnus. Nothing great, just a Centaur clone & I am enjoying all the clones I came across because they give me what I wanna hear.

Ceramic picking

This is another adventure in trying out those not-of-this-earth pick material- ceramic. Of course, it's perfectly familiar to the rest of you dealing in pottery, art & stuff. Just received it in the mail, update to come :-)