Sunday, October 26, 2014

RIP: Jack Bruce

Just hear of Jack Bruce's passing. Cream wasn't a band of my time but this guy was legendary. RIP

Price cuts: Strymon @ SV Guitars

Today is the final day to enjoy the Strymon discounts happening at SV Guitars. Many are sold out at the various branches so if you interested in any one, please call up the stores to check stock (no point making a trip down to places only for them to be sold out):

  • Marsiling: 63686586
  • Peninsula: 63383371
  • JCube: 66845310 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Squier: VM Baritone Jazzmaster

The Squier newbie: Baritone Jazzmaster (from its Vintage Modified series). Credit to Squier for:
  1. Giving us a baritone option
  2. That Antigua finish- I just mentioned this finish to someone just a few days ago
However, the single coils there are arguably unsuitable. There is a high chance of this being picked up by distortion mongers & those pickups won't do them good. So, maybe- just maybe- there might be a humbucking option in the works.

Selling: Seymour Duncan Power Grid distortion (Sold)

I'm more drive-inclined these days so my distortion units are all under review. Letting go of the ones which won't play a major role in my tone quest :-)

  • Selling: Seymour Duncan Power Grid distortion
  • Condition: 9/10
  • Self-collect: CCK mrt stn
  • No reservation/ trades
  • Queries/ confirmation:
  • Price: $69 (final)
Item SOLD :-)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fender: Modern Player Dimension bass

Another adventure in the Chinese territory- the Modern Player Dimension bass. The Chinese origin always gets the flak even before getting started. If you wish to implore the fact that such instruments are actually disguised duds, then it's entirely up to you; there is no compulsion for embrace. However, upon a chance encounter, do not forget to acknowledge (no praises necessary) the fact that the MP Dimension bass is a well-made instrument through & through (Disclaimer: Test model is not always a true representation of the herd). What might be a little objectionable here is the fact that the Dimension bass manifests a neck diving encounter when played sitting down; we do note the scaled down body as opposed to the P & J basses. Strapped on, it's a different story.

Tone-wise, you won't hear a specific single coil affair coming from a 'Fender'; the pickup is a Triple bucker, it's inclining towards a Stingray affair, more than anything else. Then again, it's not an accurate inclination but it's in this territory & that would be a good reference. Another displeasure here is the fact that there's no tone control, you get a 5-way rotary selector manipulating the triple coil's various possible combo; from a compromised single coil to a real humbucking affair & everything else in between. Again, upon a chance encounter, so acknowledge the fact that this bass sounds contemporary & there's no hiding its move away from its immortal P & J siblings. Slap players looking for an affordable humbucking instrument would be rewarded with those deep but defined tones.

As far as I am concerned, the Modern Player series are very acceptable permutations of traditional Fender takes & they should be treated with respect. Dissenters out there would highlight the fact that it's a product from the Chinese Squier factory, one which had been re-labelled into a 'Fender'. That's absolutely true but its sheer goodness is present for your consideration. Recommended.

Fender: Modern Player Dimension bass
Availability: Swee Lee Co.
Price: $699

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Referential, not preferential

My holiday adventure. Nothing new, really, just revisiting stuff that I'm not inclined to but do own for the sake of reference. I'm referring to EMG pickups as well as signature products.

I'm not an EMG fan (or fan of active pickups per se) but I make it a point to own EMGs. Despite the non-preference, I believe there is an application for EMG somewhere along the way. It's the reason why I crave to hear EMG at times & when that happens, whatever EMG tone I hear would be more of an acceptance than rejection. However, it's not something I would return to subsequently, it seems that the EMG tone is only a reference (for me).

This is the same mindset when I deal with signature products. I'm quite averse to signature guitars but not quite amps & pickups. The reason you see the EVH 5150III in this post. Despite being a signature amp, I am able to concoct my own voicing from it & it delivers what I want to hear & I don't accede to what it has in store for me to begin with- this is the wrong reason for buying stuff; you actually want to sound like the flavour of the moment. That's a big NO for me.