Thursday, May 5, 2016


The owner & founder of VFE pedals is giving up his full time pedal-making engagements this Summer. He will resume his teaching career & only run his pedal business as a side venture. Many current pedals are clearing for reasonable prices at the website. It's a good time to consider one if you have not checked them out already. 

What's the big deal, anyway? VFE pedals take pride in the tinkering of their products on a personal level. They don't compromise ideas to fit the commercial aspects of any manifestations. The Distortion 3 Jr (blue) & Dragon Hound (red) pedals are standard production units. The Mermaid you see there is a custom shop option so the green housing, brushed blue aluminium knobs & yellow LED were entirely my choices. This will be the future VFE pedal format, they did a spot run to test the feasibility of the methods to come & I find the prices reasonable. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Reverse logic

Birthday present, yes! You know, that Hendrix Strat got me thinking; what is it like to struggle in someone else's world & still be on top of the game? On that note, I trawled cyberspace in search of an equivalent to embrace the spirit of adversity. The guitar here is an Edwards E-SE-125M/RB. It's one of those models not listed in their catalogues but offered to the domestic Japanese market (there are others to be discovered if you are enterprising in your search). Despite being very lefty in its incarnation, the guitar in question is a righty; the strap button there is a dead giveaway. I'll share some other quirks as we move along :-)

What I like about this guitar is its trio of Seymour Duncan single coils; no frills, just that Seymour Duncan kick in the teeth but in a vintage manifestation.

But then again, it's not my birthday.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Beez is moving out

Master Beez in psychedelic mode, fixing a coil split switch in my Ibanez RGDIX6MRW. This was indeed my final visit (yesterday evening) to his current working premises as he is moving out to a new unit. More updates to come...

Ibanez: RGV3570

These are regional exclusive models, Ibanez is currently limiting this to their domestic Japanese market. The RGV3570 is currently manifested in 2 finishes; the plain top (black) or the burl laminate top. Give these a hurried look & you'll miss that non-tilted headstock; I was wondering why the truss rod covers were not included. Also, the guitars were equipped with Seymour Duncans at the factory (yes!): Neck: Stag Mag/ Middle: Vintage Flat/ Bridge: Custom 5.

Despite the exclusive debut, we know that good distributors would make it a point to acknowledge local demand.

Monday, May 2, 2016

String winding

Another one taken off the cyber realm; notice the string is wound the right way round the post only for the low E. For the rest of the strings, they are the wrong way round. Is it too difficult to refer to countless Ibanez headstock pictures out there for this objective? This goes to show how much knowledge instrument owners have about their guitars. It extends to the degree of care they have for their possessions as well. These are the implications to consider when one deals with after market products.

The Hendrix way

This is the current swing in the Hendrix/Fender camp. This guitar was previously mentioned here: CLICK

Do you know that Fender actually did a more accurate repro of the Hendrix Strat in all its reverse glory? It was a limited run, if memory serves me right, in the early Y2Ks... Note the strap button- it's a righty guitar, not a lefty.

That's how Hendrix played his Strat, yes? He had all the controls over at the top side (arrowed) & his cable was getting in the way of his picking hand.