Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Gibson 2015: Yes & no

Greetings, guitar fanatics :-)

We have slightly more than 90 days to go before saying farewell to 2014...

But the folks at Gibson are strutting their stuff. I'll cover more along the way but these 3 models featured here would suffice for now (top to bottom):

  • LP Junior Singlecut
  • LP Junior Doublecut
  • LP Less +
The LP Jr gets special attention this 2015 with Gibson having 2 versions of it. We have P-90s for authenticity while getting a wider fretboard make for many of the models, the Jr included. This would be good news to many of us who are more inclined to the Super Strats that feature wider fretboards for finger gymnastics comfort. Take a closer look at the nut & you'll see metal- your eyes are not deceiving you. These are adjustable versions & should make our lives easier should we choose to go with thicker string gauges. Purists won't be too pleased, of course.

Another plus worth mentioning is the new rectangular hardcase. I find this very wise considering many of us would wanna stack our cases or place it upright. If you own the current hardcase, you'd understand the issue.

Alright, now moving on to the negatives (at least to me). The signature at the headstock- well, it's a commemorative label. That '100' there looks sooooooo... wrong. The featured LPs in this commemorative range are all equipped with the G-Force tuning system. Personally, I give it a thumbs down. It needs a rechargeable battery to operate (won't work at all without one) & it adds weight to the headstock. In any case, I will update the options (if any).

That's all for now, more to come for sure. Happy October, everyone :-)

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Budget 7s (Schecter/ Jackson)

Schecter: SGR C7

Jackson JS22-7

We end September with these awesome 7-string guitars. I personally recommend them to you if you wish for one on a budget. The SGR C7 is a basswood make with those gain-friendly Diamond Plus pickups. Equally appealing (pickups-wise) would be Jackson's JS22-7; also a basswood beast with a pair of in-house Jackson HO 7 humbuckers.

Both possess clarity across frequencies with the Jackson edging the Schecter in terms of a top end poke. The SGR on the other hand has a less trebly top end. The marked difference here would be the neck profiles; the SGR would appeal to those wanting a more rounder feel while the Jackson feels significantly flatter & a little wider. Also, if you are more at home with a right hand placement away from the body top (ala Les Paul), the Schecter would be it. All in all, both guitars are highly recommended in terms of QC as well- sturdy without being costly.

Schecter: SGR C7- SGD299 (Davis GMC)
Jackson: JS22-7- SGD309 (Swee Lee Co)

Monday, September 29, 2014

Out to dry

What's this all about? It's one of my guitar bags being hung out to dry. I gave it a good wipe down due to fungal infection. It's not chronic but it's substantial enough to warrant this move. A healthy time in the sun always cures fungal infection. It's a practice shared by my friend & this blog reader, Mr. Steve.

This is the extent I go to oversee a good upkeep of my instruments & accessories. This is proof enough that I take good care of my belongings so if you buy stuff from me, rest assured, they have been in my good hands.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

My ratings

I've been selling things away recently & people are wondering what makes me label my item 8/10 for instance, because when they see what I have in store for them, it could've easily been a 10/10. So here's what I have to say:

Despite being the initial owner, I won't rate my stuff 10/10 for a simple reason; my item bears a pre-owned status. Suppose I have tested it at the store but have kept it aside & unplayed even at home, then I decided to sell it away for some reason, it gets a 9.5/10 rating at most. I have handled the product & it's downright disrespectful to tag it as a 10/10.

If I have treated an item in terms of maintenance & parts replacement, I'd move into an 8/10 or 8.5/10 rating. Along the way, these instruments received much handling, there might be scratches/ dents which are undiscovered despite due diligence. I don't believe the fact that just because some well-known or reputable parts made their way into my instruments, it would alleviate my item into a 'better' status- no. Parts swapping or 'upgrading' as it's referred to loosely, do not imply an upward value of the instrument. The final value of it belongs to the buyer. He/ she might not like what I have done to my instrument, maybe he/ she prefers it in an all-original condition instead so that's how I see things. This is true with names like Fender/ Gibson because the after market prefers untouched Strats/ Les Pauls- dirt, grime, dings & all. 

Finally, a 7 or 7.5/10 rating means the item has an anomaly: Dysfunctional pots, missing pickups, cracked pickguard, dents, stuff like that. In any case, it won't render the instrument defective, it just needs some attention & involves some spending on your part- just like a car sold with worn tires or seasoned upholstery. I won't rate anything below the above-mentioned conditions. I personally feel that such items should be considered/ viewed on a personal, case-by-case basis. It usually involves many pictures exchange over e-mail/ text messages over conditional agreements.

I keep all buy-sell e-mails in tact, I screen capture stuff as well. Maybe one of these days, I should list them all down, especially all the low-ball, below the belt offers which are downright juvenile & disrespectful. It's utterly rotten to appraise myself as being too kind to others because that's what I become once a deal goes through, I respect the buyer's decision to part with his/her cash for my items. More often than not, I would offer an alternative meeting point to the buyers' convenience (less those monstrous items like amps for instance)- it's my way of seeing the deal through pleasantly, my indirect way of saying thanks to the buyers. I have ever travelled to Sengkang to deliver a $30 pickup before & it took me at least an hour to get there- all for $30, you think it's worth the sweat, crowd & untimely buyer arrival?

In any case, my ratings are my personal references. It's not marked against any other standards of evaluation but my own. I hope I have put smiles on you faces after you bought stuff from me, otherwise, please let me know :-)

Selling: Ibanez GARTB20 (SOLD)

Saying goodbye to my GARTB...

Bought as a back-up, served its time well. Just had a fresh set of strings in there :-)
  • Selling: Ibanez GARTB20 bass (30.3")
  • Bag included
  • Condition: 8/10
  • No reservations/ trades
  • Self-collect: CCK mrt stn
  • Queries/ confirmation:
  • Price: $155 (final)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Merrow 6

There is a sizable Schecter Keith Merrow 7 fans out there & it only makes sense that the manufacturer has the 6-string version for the taking. It's every bit a KM model but the Seymour Duncan Black Winter humbuckers in there will feature black pole pieces- if that's not metal enough for you...