Sunday, December 21, 2014

Tombalek overview

A little more details for you if you are still interested. Remember, the next cycle starts in Jan '15 :-)

Saturday, December 20, 2014


I currently own a Spectraflex cable which is more than 5 years old. Some things just speak of quality & they last. It's no reason to be buying another but I did- a braided Original. I have simple criteria when choosing cables:
  1. Low noise/ noiseless- the utmost consideration. I should be enjoying my guitar tones while playing, not put up with humming or hissing cables. If a cable fails this criterion, regardless of the brand name or boutique plugs they sport, it's not worth my money. The cables should also not receive radio signals while you're at it. It's a sheer indicator of poor insulation.
  2. Durable- it's pointless to be spending good money just on tone only for the cable to die a few days later. Cables of yesterday tend to be short-lived by their lack of durability. How do I know this? I've stepped on cables countless times & those sub-standard ones would crackle for a simple reason; their innards were squashed & they couldn't carry the signals through. Also, I've stepped on plugs quite often & the flimsy ones would have the connection squashed as well & that's a sure sign of death to come. So two things here- durable plugs as well as final coating (regardless of the material).
  3. Frequency response- this is a little sticky but the standard here is of clarity & non-inclination. Meaning- the cable shouldn't influence your signal frequencies, it is a neutral implement which lets your guitar & amp do their job. However, there are cables out there that give you more high end or add to your bass frequencies. This isn't an anomaly, they were actually manufactured as such to suit personal needs.
Spectraflex is my first real experience with a quality cable. I was enduring cheap cables before that & it's not doing me good; they affected enjoyment. Subsequently, I tried many others but I have the following brand names to recommend if you are in the market for a deserving cable to supplement your tone quest (no order of merit):
  • Evidence
  • Spectraflex
  • Free the tone
  • Canare
  • Lava
  • Monster
  • Mogami
  • Planet Waves (American Stage series)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Selling: EMG 81/85

I have this pair of EMG 81/85 for sale, those mounting screws included. Unfortunately, I do not have other supplementary accessories to go along with them.
  • Selling: EMG 81/85 set (mounting screws included)
  • Condition: 8.5/10
  • Self-collect @ CCK mrt stn
  • No reservations/ trades
  • Queries/ confirmation:
  • Price: $165 (final)

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Return to ice

Kiss' Paul Stanley came full circle & returns to Ibanez. All those Washburns & Silvertones aren't quite 'it', yes? Personally, I feel he's the right ambassador for this guitar.

Pic: Ibanez UK

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Tombalek trip

I was at the Tai Seng (off Paya Lebar) premises yesterday to visit Tombalek GR&E.

Tombalek offers you the chance to create your dream instruments (guitars/ basses) from the ground up. Practitioners start with blanks & slowly materialize that elusive custom shop-esque dream squeeze over a period of 3 months.

So at the end of it all, you bring home a fully functioning instrument of choice crafted entirely by you.

The premises are equipped with machines & a full range of tools to help you see through your woodwork.

More importantly, you will receive a personal attention from founder/ luthier, Mr. GJ Kung in seeing your work through.

While I was there, I managed to get a glimpse of the wood available which ranges from raw blocks to work-in-progress materials. See that slotted piece there? It's Madagascar rosewood, something you won't be able to source in the open market any more due to trade regulations. No worries though, all working timber at the premises were acquired legally, namely through individuals who don't quite know what they posses in hand but were willing to trade them off.

So if you are interested in this adventure, do browse through the available course over at Tombalek's homepage & sign up quickly because only a handful of vacancies are left for the upcoming January 2015 slot: TOMBALEK