Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Tumnus deluxe

OK, something to look forward to in terms of pedals. That small push button at the right- it's an option button for you to use it in either a buffered or true bypass mode. 👍

Monday, November 20, 2017

Crushing sale

This should  be on your considerations list if you are shopping for a new practice amp 👌

New horizon @ Grassroots

It's been quiet at the Edwards front. A major revision is in progress. In the mean time, the Grassroots division had announced these good looking Horizon models but we know how the Grassroots brand won't be readily available in the international market. Oh, well...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Give away (2)

Good Sunday evening my friends. This is my next give away, kindly sponsored by SV Guitars in conjunction with my 10th blog-versary come 2018 (Thanks, Mike & co!). I have a feeling that the noise gate is one pedal that has lower priorities in everybody's to-get list. We have our drive, distortion & delay being major distractions in our effects line up. So here it is, a spanking new Joyo JF-31 Noise Gate pedal:
  • E-mail me with the tittle: Bring the noise (gate)! to stand a chance in acquiring the JF-31 depicted above (box included). No contents please, just a blank entry will do
  • Do not disclose any personal details until you receive a reply mail stating you as the winner. Winner will self-collect this pedal
  • No time limit this time, come try your luck 😁

SE South

PRS had stated time & again they won't make left-handed guitars but this proved otherwise- the SE Custom 24. This instrument will be available soon so it's good news to you lefties especially so when the manufacturer had brought up the standards for their SE models come 2018.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

SA updates

Another Ibanez update- the revised SA360 is now offered in an ash body + binding.

There's also a mahogany version with a flamed maple top. Nice. 👍