Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Jericho: Fusion Ignition

This was how someone helped me with unboxing...

The new guitar is a Jericho Fusion (Ignition), purchased online. I'm not a fan of online shopping when it comes to musical instruments but I'm willing to trust certain brand names when it comes to craftsmanship & delivery. This comes after a lot reading & sleuthing online pertaining to reputation. Kiesel definitely gets my thumbs up in this regard & I'm adding Jericho to the list. More appraisal soon.


Cort has playable guitars in the Earth 50 range (available in both solid/non-solid tops). 'Playable' here  refers to scaled down features for both body size (7/8) & scale length (24/75"). These would do well for smaller built players but certainly not limited to females & kids exclusively (so please stop marketing your products in this slant). Here's why you should consider one if you struggle playing a standard size acoustic:

Monday, December 11, 2017

Closing account (2017)

Final purchase for the year. I thought it would only reach here in 2018 but it's here already. Unboxing tonight (if in the mood).

Give away (5)

Time for another give away, another one sponsored by Davis GMC- the Danelectro Cool Cat Tremolo. Just keep in mind that this item is brand new in box, for your winning pleasure 👍. Same ritual- just send me a blank e-mail with the title: Trembling trem!
  • Remember, DO NOT disclose any personal details in the mail for security reasons
  • Wait for my reply e-mail declaring you the winner
  • Winner will self-collect the item, details of meeting to be declared in the e-mail as well
  • No deadline, do try your luck
Belated congrats to John Salarda, the winner for Give Away (4). Have a good week ahead, everyone 😁

Playing in Style 2

Had some playing time yesterday so I gave the Charvel (San Dimas Style 2) a go. This is one of those guitars with an excellent playing neck & my preferred humbuckers to boot. However, the FR bridge is a down right nuisance. As this is the older American model, it has no cavity under the bridge so if you whammy excessively, there is a real chance of denting the body surface. Also, due to that cavity absence, the bridge was mounted higher to allow a two-way action. This doesn't affect the string action as the neck was angled appropriately, if you are the palm muting type, you'd wished the bridge was sitting flushed against the body surface for a better peace of mind. Nevertheless, this remains to be one of my better sounding guitars due to its overall weight which churns out lots of inviting bottom end 😀

Sunday, December 10, 2017


After years of playing guitar, these are my only delay units:
  • Ibanez Delay/ Echo DE7. I used to own the grey version which was the standard colour for this (discontinued) series. The TONE LOK pedals allow the user to push in the control knobs once they are set. This prevents accidental adjustments while in use. It's a very practical pedal with rather inviting analog tones from the echo function. That limited edition colour is alluding to its more famous cousin, the AD9.
  • Ibanez Echo Shifter ES-2. In addition to the bang-for-the-dollar warmth you hear coming from this one, the slider delay time control provides some experimentation on days when you are bored & in need of extra terrestrial intervention. Also, the modulation features on board means you get depth for proto-reverb in case you are in the mood to play Crying Game for your company's melancholic annual dinner & dance.
  • BOSS Digital Delay DD3. This is perhaps still the industry standard when it comes to precision delay. Personally, I prefer digital delay over analog responses because I like to hear the exact repetition as opposed to warm decay. I used to play a cousin's DD7 for a while which I had set in one application which the DD3 could handle for less money, of course. 
People around me kept saying that for happening solos, delay is essential. Maybe it sounds appealing to the majority out there but I find delayed signals annoying. I can endure intense, delay-like reverb but the delay unit per se isn't something I embrace. I'm not compelled to follow others anyway.