Thursday, May 31, 2012

PRS sale @ Davis

This is gonna happen soon... June is coming, yes? @ David GMC, of course.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The new 70s

Gibson has some new stuff out this md-year, but I know from countless episodes of such introduction, 'new' is a regurgitated 'old'. So the 70s tribute models you see above (there are others...) are the new old. That slightly wider headstock is a 70s design 'landmark', mind you. I'm quite a fan of small quirks so I find these guitars worthy of some cosiderations. But the govenment, in an attempt to curb my spending on non-nation building injections, will be issuing me the annual income tax bill soon. Now you know why I'm subversive at times.

Kirk is with...?

This is what ESP says...

This is what Gibson says...

It confuses you, I know. So behind it all, some endorsements are not entirely exclusive. Fast forward say 50 years down the road, people are disputing the 'true' Kirk Hammett preferred guitar, this confusion happens because... the same Kirk Hammett has 2 different signatures. Ha!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Selling: Rocktron- Austin Gold (SOLD)

Here's another one of my very under-utilized overdrive pedal to part way with, I'm currently distracted by other matters :-) If you are into the Tubescreamer-esque voicing but dislike the midrange hump, the pre-bass knob there will address your concern.
  • Selling: Rocktron- Austin Gold Overdrive (display pack included)
  • Condition: 8/10
  • Self-collect @ CCK mrt stn
  • No reservations/ No trades
  • Query/ confirmation:
  • Price: $49 (final)
Pedal SOLD

Sale... yes, sale...

Happening this Friday/Saturday. Me- working.

Marshall: JCM800 1W (Part 1)

I've just received my Marshall JCM800 1W head some days ago, still in the discovery stage; it's a mere 1W, so I'm not expecting too much from it.

The control panel features a 3-band EQ, a booster switch & a pair of volume controls- Master/ Pre-amp. There isn't a channel switching button here so you effectively have to turn up the pre-amp in order to hear the drive coming through, more of it is achieved by activating the boost button. At lower pre-amp levels, the boost isn't apparent but adding more master volume would work things up. So we have, effectively, a trio of controls influencing one another in terms drive voicings, I took my time to know what works so it's not exhaustive.

Unlike its full-sized counterparts, this 1-watter sounds rather midrange/treble excessive, I had to trim them down, in fact, to minimum performance to hear accepable tones, otherwise, it sounds sharper than a hissing cobra.

Alright, enough feature highlights (I think)- tone highlights in next installment :-)

Monday, May 28, 2012


Got my Marshall... :-)

Selling: Beta Aivin BM6 portable amp (SOLD)

My office amp is for sale...

In addition to your guitar, it has a mic input- I double it up as a public address unit sometimes.

It also runs on 5 x AA batteries, so plenty of opportunities for you to shred at the beach, he he... Of course, evil stickers would be removed :-)
  • Beta Aivin guitar amp, 10W, Adapter/ battery operation (adapter included)
  • Condition: 8/10
  • Self-collect: CCK mrt stn
  • No reservations/ No trades
  • Queries/ Confirmation:
  • Price: $69
Amp SOLD as at 29th May, 1400hrs.

Charvel DS3: Binding

I'm still with the Charvel DS3 appraisal, this time I'm highlighting a short-coming albeit non-detrimental.

What you see here is the DS3 body biding, it stopped short of lining the entire cutaway at the bout's sharpest point. If you note other singlecut guitars, there wouldn't be any trace of binding making its way after the turn, in this case, the factory hands dealing with the DS3 chose to leave a little extension & it was not snipped particularly well; note the slant. I've also noticed some other units featuring some sloppy lift-offs, you could tell this if the binding's terminal manifested frayed edges. The example here had one of the better lifting display, just that it had its excess bit & a crooked end.

Should we deem this careless handling excessive? I wouldn't be too particular about it but there would be people out there who wouldn't be too happy paying for an unworthy finish. Well, it's not squarely a class issue but it affects the product status. Please do not ignore the fact that the rest of the fit & finish are solid all round- we keep looking at flawed trees sometimes, while ignoring the beautiful forest.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Selling: Scarlett Overdrive (SOLD)

Selling my Seven Sister's Scarlett Overdrive, it runs on a re-chargeable internal battery, adapter capable as well:
  • Selling: Seven Sisters Scarlett Overdrive (re-chargeable, box included)
  • Condition: 9/10
  • Self-collect: CCK mrt stn
  • No reservations/ No trades
  • Queries/ Conformation:
  • Price: $90 (final)
Pedal SOLD as at 27th May, 1930hrs- thanks to all interested parties.
Still available:
  • LTD: H-308 
  • Marshall Anniversary 1W JTM head

Hey, dad! (Part 54)

Hey, dad! Your guitar stand makes a good parking lot for my balloon. Ok, gotta find 7 more...

Domestic Desolation- Part 2

The DS3ST belongs to the entry-level camp in Charvel's new Desolation series, not due to any inferiority in particular but because it's a bolt-on make so it's more affordable than its other siblings. This is the manufacturer's take on the popular singlecut design featuring mahogany for both body & neck.

There's no compromise in terms of aesthetic appeal even in this price bracket, Charvel gives us an elegant curved top body with a chamfered cutaway. There's more to the upper fret access supplement than this feature...

... I'd say the heel here was pleasantly receded towards the treble side to allow more reach to the 24th fret. With the ribcage chamfer in there, everything's in place to make this guitar a fabulous player.

Be informed that the DS3 possesses that typical edgy tone coming from a bolt-on guitar. You have to quell that Les Paul hallucination in you- this is NOT one in terms of feel & tone. The default Desolation humbuckers aren't the typical entry level in-house units. They are not excessively treble inclined, in fact, they manifest a rounded top end, turning distortion to fuzz at higher volume levels. As far as I am concerned, they have to go...

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Desolate riposte (3)

The explicit target for this Charvel DX1ST is rather obvious; the fleet-fingered enthusiasts who have so much to say in a very short, given time :-) The shredability credits aside, the test model I played was superb in terms of construction, fit & finish. I see the major concern here would be the neck-body heel; it's not a smooth transition. The body finish sports a stained & glossed overcoat, giving it a bumpy feel once it meets the satin-finished neck. The treatment could be better on some models I saw in-store but the good City Music people would arrange for a fresh, out-of-the-box model for you upon purchase, so no worries.

I'm not a big fan of EMGs but I can live with them in this guitar; not a total aversion on my part (I still love my EMGs in my ESP Eclipse). Coming back to the neck; if you think the Wizard III in the current standard Ibanez guitars aren't too inviting for you, the thinner profile here would be a good enticement. I love the fusion of this profile with the compound radius & that wider-than-Fender feel; it's a robust combo, would withstand any heavy metal treatment... & beyond. Just a reminder that it's on promo pricing: $837.25

Look who's using the CT20

Remember that Samson CT20 clip-on tuner available @ Beez's? Look wjho's the ambassador for it... he he...

Domestic Desolation

Got me-self a gorgeous Charvel DS-3, hur, hur, hur... updates soon.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Selling: TC Electronics Flashback (Delay/ Looper) SOLD

I'm also not a big delay fan, I'll just stick to my Ibanez pedal for those moments, so... my TC Electronics FLASHBACK is for sale:
  • Selling: TC Electronics: Flashback (Delay & Looper)
  • Box included
  • Condition: 9.5/10
  • Self-collect: CCK mrt stn
  • No reservations/ No trades
  • Query/ confirmation:
  • Price: Open to good offers :-)
Pedal SOLD as at 24-5-2012, thanks...

BOSS pedals: Price revision @ Swee Lee

BOSS pedals- price revision at Swee Lee (BB showroom), majority are in NETT figures.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Selling: Marshall Anniversary JTM 1W

I'm not a keen clean tone fan so I should not be kidding myself by keeping this one, more so when I don't rely on distortion pedals to kick up the dirt...
  • Selling: Marshall JTM Anniversary 1W head (accessories included)
  • Condition: 9/10
  • Self-collect: CCK mrt stn
  • No reservations/ No trades/ No installment considerations
  • Query/ confirmation:
  • Price: $499

Star notes

Folowing Charvel's Star-guitar reval, I'm gald the manufacturer decided to incorporate that pointy headstock design instead of the Strat-type version seen above. The Star stated out with that deign but...

... made way for the pointy headstock subsequently. Even the single humbucker feature was retained in today's design.

Desolate riposte (2)

This is the other bolt-on offering from Charvel's Desolation series which I've tried recently. It's the DST-3 FR. A very minimal set-up in terms of electronics but some of us are indeed in need of such fundamental feature. I'm totally happy with everything this guitar has to offer, even the uncelebrated Boo Heung Bo humbucker there did well in terms of distortion but don't expect too much from it in other applications. Despite the quasi-outrageous body outline, the Desolation Star is well-balanced when played sitting down/ strapped on. Applause to the manufacturer for giving us a healthy piece of rosewood (at least the one I handled) which makes fretting a joy, couldn't be more pleased with the supper upper fret access as well. Despite a rather meagre promo price of $527, the bridge is a Floyd Rose Thousand series (it's a 2000 model in this one) & withstood fierce whammy manipulations.

At the end of the day, this Desolation Star would have a limited following by virtue of its lone humbucker in there but for those keen in the Star outline, be informed that Charvel offers the dual humbucking version as well.

A complementary bag is offered by City Music for all the Charvels in store except the Desolation Start models, that's my only gripe with this guitar.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Samson's might

We're still on tuners; this is a clip-on model by Samson, the CT20.

This is how it looks like, a simple mechanical tuner, more importantly, it's a fast response unit.

Available at Beez's, listing for $30.00... but he might have some discounts for you, he he...


I'm eagerly waiting for this release; Marduk's Serpent Sermon @ end of May...

Saw Morgan playing his new ESP in the band's latest clip. Cool.

Pitch pink

Got myself a Pitchclip from City Music yesterday :-) Update soon...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Desolate riposte (1)

The Chinese Charvels are in at City Music, they are a few days old, very new, evident from the shiny strings, lack of metal parts oxidation & sparse fingerprints on the glossed body, he he... But do not rule out the fact that the City Music guys give them a dedicated wipe-down at the end of the day in the name of product maintenance.

I managed to try the Desolation DS-3 today, it's the most affordable amongst them, currently sporting an introductory price of $310 so it's a typical Chinese cheapo you might say? Fault-laden & a laughing stock? Heck, NO.

This is great manufacture for the money, everything's well in place in making it a wonderful player but I'd caution you for committing this assurance to general belief because while I was looking at the other models such as the DC & Soloists, there were some inconsistencies to note. However, these weren't grave demerits, certainly not flaws to render the instruments as duds. The DS-3 sports a very sturdy bolt-on construction & that simple oil finish for the mahogany neck made it addictive to the touch. The mahogany body-neck combo means it takes a toll on the treble end & rightfully so, the default Desolation pickups could have done better in this consideration. 

Les Paul tone by any chance? Oh, please... let's not go there knowing that the outline remains to be the only association to that name, the DS-3 is a typical bolt-on guitar, nothing deep & boomy to behold but it does give off some of those albeit far from being a signature voicing. Highly recommended for a no-frills, beginner model but it works as a secondary reference as well.

For the record, I was served by brother JAYA- very pro service, forthcoming to say the least. Thumbs up, bro!

Selling: Schecter Omen Extreme 7 (not mine)

My friend, Ian, has this Schecter OE 7 for sale...

... with a pair of DiMarzio PAF 7s on board. If you are keen/ want a wee bit more details before that purchase confirmation, do get beck to him: 9-38-222-11 (TEXT only, pleae...)

Ibanez: RGD7421

My new guitar is the humble Ibanez RGD7421. It's already an extended scale model (26.5") & the fact that it features an extra 7th string, it means I could achieve some low notes here without too much trouble. I'm not too keen on the finish- it's another black guitar.

Rear view. Great construction & playability, default action was not the most comfortable, I've come across other appealing set-ups. The good people at Swee Lee were unable to do some set-ups of their own because this was taken right out of the box & into my possession; I was there during the revelation, he he... The tiger sticker you see there was given by my colleague, Cynthia. She had seen me blew my top at some people & told me I was beyond a furious tiger; so I learnt something new about myself.

The RGD7421 is one of the new instruments in store to receive Swee Lee's revised pricing: $880 (NETT).

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thank you, D'Addario!

Janet (Davis GMC) alerted me to the availability of the new, revised, D'Addario 8-string pack in store. I have been waiting for this to happen, to know why this is so, do read this: CLICK

It's absolutely rectified! The new .074 string has the correct tapered length to fit into Schecter's machine head.

If you are interested to purchase this 8-string set, look out for the QR code printed on the bottom right-hand corner of the string box, this is a sure indicator that you've gotten yourself the latest, rectified string set

Got groove?

This is a classic case of dismissal via looks- Ibanez's Grooveline bass isn't visually pleasant but this compromise was to make way for the instrument's ergonomics in terms of playability, handling & tone. Despite being in the catalogue, the Groovelines are only to be released mid-year but let's hear what this bass has to offer...

Anthony Crawford gives us an insight on design considerations & you just have to impressed with his slap applications here:

Now listen to the Lorenzo Feliciati's Grooveline in a non-slap setting:

Friday, May 18, 2012

LP Studio ver 2012

I'm a little behind whn it comes to all things LP, not a fan of the guitar but I'm not ignoring them entirely. Gibson is one of the most respectable brand names when it comes to guitar manufacture, it's only a question of preference- are the guitars to your liking?

The above picture was taken from Gibson's homepage, it shows the current chamber allocations for the LP Studio, I'm kinda happy they kept the body's central portion more solid, unlike the Epiphone Ultra version:

Epi LPs: Revised prices

Good Friday morning, just a quick word on behalf of Swee Lee: Please look forward to a revised price range for Eiphone LP models, majority of which are indeed reflective of the current market prices- the Les Paul Standard Plus Top (above) is one of them.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

GJ2... !

GJ2 guitars are making their way here (destination: Davis GMC). This guitar was featured at their Facebook page, one of the models to be shipped to our shores. I had this pic e-mailed by someone- I have no FB account... no intentions to have one.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Carvin's tribute

This is Carvin's Jason Becker tribute model which is a very stunning instrument per se.

But that headstock isn't accurate. Maybe there's another manufacturer holding on to the rights of that design. Hmmm...