Sunday, August 31, 2014

Poll: Next gen Duncans

Hey, everyone. Thanks for taking part in the recent Seymour Duncan poll. Well, the results aren't surprising. The Black Winter & Nazgul received a fair bit of fanfare because these two are the most featured pickups (by the manufacturer) in the mean time. Thanks to Keith Merrow, the Nazgul is a proven performer, every bit competent when distortion comes to play. It's a very versatile pickup in this aspect. The Black Winter is a surprise package to say the least. Despite being touted to be mean, this humbucker is giving the Nazgul a run for its worth in terms of versatility- every bit competent in terms of distortion & a little extremity in the mix. In fact, Seymour Duncan is currently pushing it for its versatility & not the dark & doom vibe it was conceived under. In terms of control, the Black Winter can be overbearing if one isn't careful with one's overall tone so that's the 'danger' right there- the possibility of losing control. From personal experience, this is true at higher amp volume.

The Pegasus & Sentient are not to be overlooked in this aspect. The former is the geek member in this bunch; it's not averse to drive but if one needs to draw blood, the Black Winter & Nazgul do it better so it takes a back seat. For prog applications, the Pegasus is ace. Also, if one isn't interested in extras in terms of punch, the Pegasus is recommended. That leaves us with the Sentient. This one, ladies & gentlemen, is the spectre of the '59 & Jazz but moving on in a driven direction. I absolutely love this pickup in the neck, it might just be my next fav humbucker in there. It gives that saturation & transparency of a clean performer but once drive/distortion kicks in, the Sentient holds its own.

There you have it, the next gen Duncans in a nutshell. I'm thankful that these are made available in the 6-string version as they started out as 7-string models (less the Black Winter).

It's the end of August, a turn of the season awaits. The final lap of the year is here. That's how time flies.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fender: Triple Tele

Another intriguing release by Fender in its Classic Series selection- the Triple Tele. You'd argue it's another Tele out there now fitted with 3 single coils & you're darn right it's another Tele but those single coils- they are actually 3 bridge pickups. How do we know this? Simple- 3 mounting screws, not the usual 2 side screws for the neck. I'd like to try this one out as soon as it gets here to hear how this would sound in action.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Gibson: SGJ 2014

It's been a fairly good Friday; I've finally tried Gibson's 2014 version of its SGJ model among other things. There isn't a drastic migration from its 2013 sibling but there are some stuff to note.
  1. The 2014 SGJ sports Gibson's 120th anniversary inlay
  2. Pickups are Gibson's uncovered, '61
  3. The bridge & hard tail are the satin chrome version
  4. Those knobs are huge Max Grip Black Speed
 The SGJ14 is a bright-sounding instrument unplugged. I wouldn't say it manifests a good degree of warmth often associated with bright sounding solid bodies strummed this way. It might be attributable to its overall weight. If you handle this guitar personally, you'd realize that much of the reverberation comes from the neck. After giving the SGJ14 an electric feed, the instrument isn't as thumping as a Les Paul (it shouldn't be; it's an SG!) but it sure doesn't sound like a thin-sounding cheapo. The pickups aren't contemporary affair but I'd say you can pull off those driven prog-esque tones with the help of a good EQ section. The knobs are love-hate for sure. They are grooved at the top edges but these are a little too tall to trigger a familiar reach.

Nothing too life-changing here, if you own the 2013 version, this wouldn't be an upgrade. However, you'd love the sustain here. In fact, it's one of the best.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Fender: Rascal bass

Another newbie by Fender & it looks good. I love short-scale basses & this one seems to offer something different in terms of tone options. Yes, Fender has the Jaguar bass that offers some switching options but the Rascal here has a 5-way selector so you get a very guitar-like familiarity. Add to that a push-pull switch & there you have it- a lethal shorty with some voicings to boot. It won't be a piggy-breaking affair either as the Rascal here is a member of the Classic Player series. Something to look forward to, yes? :-)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fender: Channel bounding goodness

Fender has something new for us (but nothing revolutionary)- look at this bound-neck Tele. That's not actual binding.

Note that the 'binding' is of the same colour as the neck- well, that's the neck. This channel bound idea has the entire rosewood fretboard embedded into the neck. Meaning- the neck was carved out to accommodate the fretboard. Fender says this would make the neck feel whole, like a single unit instead of a neck with a fretboard piece glued onto it. The other benefit is of course, we get smoother edges all along the length. Awesome. The channel bound neck Strats & Teles are from the American Standard series so rest assured, the chances of getting a shoddy workmanship is slim.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seymour Duncan: 805 Overdrive

Scored! Seymour Duncan's 805 overdrive... a seemingly ordinary drive pedal. That's until you hear it in person. It's got some creamy drive going at certain settings, a lead-type tone if you emphasize some top end & quite the heavy metal generator if you max it out with a bottom end highlight. The louder your amp is, the more responsive this pedal becomes. Pedal comes with all the accessories here.

To be continued...

Monday, August 25, 2014

Paul Gilbert: Stone pushing uphill man

It's a new one by shred master Paul Gilbert, one which perpetuates what its predecessor offered- fuzz laden guitar attack. There are no Mr. Big or Racer X fanfare here so if you wish for a shred 101 reference, it's not that kind of album. This is the current Paul Gilbert who revels in that single note enjoyment with no hurry whatsoever so it's no surprise that the songs here are mostly blues-based. There are some insane finger works in songs where you least expected them to be so that leaves fans of the great Paul Gilbert fulfilled somewhat. There is only a single vocal track here (thank goodness!) & we know how it is with Paul Gilbert when it comes to singing; it's not his forte but he made it work to his strength. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

DiMarzio: PAF Master

A new one by DiMarzio- DP261 PAF Master. Are you fond of that PAF tone & character. You know, that warm, Gibson-esque voicing, something very time-honed, nothing rude & protrusive. Some of us wish for a little more spike in terms of the midrange for a tad more definition & here it is- the PAF Master. Paul Gilbert will take you through the PAF Master intro & soundclips (for both bridge & neck models):

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Attitude problem

This happened yesterday at Davis GMC. It had nothing to do with me but because I was next in line, behind these first class idiots, I was terribly annoyed. I walked out.

The people you see in this pic are not locals, they are tourists. After some transactions, they were made aware of tax rebates. In this country, the seller administer the initial claim procedure by completing some documents. The buyer then proceed to the airport to finalize the claim. No cash returns would take place in the store, so if you are buying stuff here & you are not a citizen, you are now well informed.

Apparently, the woman in this pic had some misunderstanding of this procedure & her English couldn't save her good stead. The man next to her was interpreting the bulk of the communication, she was literally throwing her passport & cash on the counter top. It is universal understanding that such discourteous actions won't solve the problem in any way. In fact, it would deteriorate your character & we wouldn't want to judge you by your at-the-spur-of-the-moment actions but it's darn difficult not to. 

Is the customer always right? If you embrace this philosophy, please keep it to yourself. It's rather obvious that when a customer is right, s/he is right. If the customer is wrong then s/he is wrong- plain simple. If you are unclear of how some things are effected in this country & it entails some personal unhappiness compounded by your super bad attitude & communication breakdown, then I'd say this to you outright- this is not your country. I would love to respect others, in fact, I've been doing so because it's naturally the right thing to do- respect begets respect. You treat others well, they will reciprocate this.

My hats off to the people at Davis GMC for staying true to the human element- being nice doesn't hurt. On a separate note, I've talked to them about the matter & they've shared some very abusive episodes pertaining to customer attitude. Yes, at the business front, bitter encounters exist. Most of the time, we tend to stick the blame on certain parties but I appeal to your senses (both buyers & sellers) to keep calm & do business; everything else shouldn't get in the way.

Wishing everyone an incident-free weekend :-)

Friday, August 22, 2014

Removal/ addition

Greetings, fellow guitar enthusiasts- how's the Friday thusfar?

It's been a few days already but I've removed the links to guitar stores here. I've some other plans in the works & will be e-mailing the aforementioned parties soon; it's time to move on. 

I've resumed the polls (located at the left column of the page) which are invisible if you are viewing this site in its mobile mode. I hope you can spare the time to participate. These polls are not sponsored in any way. It's my way of getting to know you & my subliminal messages to the stores out there pertaining to trend. If they are wise enough, they should act accordingly. It's no compulsion but if they do, it'll be a win-win situation for both buyers & sellers. All in all, I'm keeping things simple & functional, this blog was meant to be my 'diary' of sorts but it had mutated into something else that I'm OK with. Thanks everyone (in advance), for your participation.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Seymour Duncan: Pickup booster

Seymour Duncan has re-introduced its Pickup Booster pedal (Ver 2) with much more gain, as claimed, via the push-pull gain knob. That's a fantastic option IMO because some of us just wants a dirt voicing to kick in with our boosters. Most of the time, we simply need more of what we have & the booster should remain clean so Duncan now offer both options. I'm gonna leave you with the demo clip by the manufacturer & after watching it if you think you have that much gain on tap- not quite. The PB will accentuate what you have, meaning, the drive responses are largely dependent on your pedals or amps, it's not gonna come from the pedal per se (I own the Ver 1). A good booster unit should remain in its booster territory, not double up as a drive/ distortion source.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PRS: S2 SC250 Singlecut (owner's take Part 2)

The PRS S2 SC250 features a pair of #7 humbuckers. These are the preferred pickups for the instrument because they simply bring forth the lightweight goodness of the instrument. They are voiced to manifest both clarity & warmth. Despite the manufacturer's best efforts to recreate a pair of treasured PAF-type tones, these pickups are rather contemporary sounding.

As I spare no romantics for vintage voicings, a pair of Seymour Duncans made their way into my SC250. The objective was not to recreate any PAF-type tones because those would do me no good. So what you see here are the P-Rails in the neck & Pegasus in the bridge position. I prefer a P-90 type tone for such guitars in the neck but require the pickup to be hum-cancelling most of the time so the P-Rails did it for me. The Pegasus is one of the pickups in the Seymour Duncan catalog that I refer to as a 'next gen' model. It was conceived to manufacture contemporary tones with great distortion chemistry which are not heavy metal in nature. It's also a great pickup for prog-type tones. 

In the SC250, these pickups react well with the instrument's lightweight body. There has to be a consideration for weight if one is dealing with a PRS guitar. It's not as easy as buying one's preferred pickups & having them in a PRS because what works elsewhere might prove to be a folly in the PRS. It's all down to weight considerations. But I'm happy with the outcome. Somehow knowing what I am familiar with pays off in this aspect; there's some thinking of what should go into a guitar of a certain nature instead of leaving it to trial & error.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Uppercuts (so that's what they are called)

So that's what these Ibanez guitars are called. Nothing really new here, all have been featured at the manufacturer's webpage but not specifically categorized.

Top to bottom: RGD7 (26.5"), ARZ6 (25.1") & FR6 (25.5"). All satin finished, all featuring Bare Knuckle pickups. What's so special about these guitars? Nothing, just the fact that they represent Ibanez's collaboration with Bare Knuckles. The name is a little misleading- 'Uppercut' might suggest an upper tier offering, a cut above the rest so to speak but that's a negative. They way I see it, you want to uppercut your Prestige model? Can do- just have Bare Knuckles in them, which I'm not about to do to mine. The BK pickups are revered in some tone circles but these don't call out to me in terms of tone.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

PRS: S2 SC250 Singlecut (owner's take- Part 1)

My initial encounter with the S2 was handling the Custom 24 at the store. I was ready to be a little bothered by PRS' cost-cutting measures in order for them to offer the entire range of instruments at a more affordable price. That didn't happen. What happened was my understanding of the fact that PRS did way more for their core range to justify the exorbitant price tags so what they did with the S2s is an exercise in competence. The right amount of treatment & finishing were given to these instruments so that nothing extras would contribute to costs. So in hand, the typical S2 model will not be giving you that upper end shiver but an embrace of fine existence- you'd feel the goodness of a PRS. So that encounter was a good pre-empt, I know the S2 is something I want & having a personal encounter with one justified my beliefs. It's a matter of selection.

Back then, there was no Singlecut offered. The only S2 with a single cutaway outline was the Starla but the Bigsby-type whammy was unnecessary so my plan to acquire an S2 was put on ice. Fast forward Fall 2013- PRS announced 2 more models for the S2 fans- the Custom 22 & the Singlecut. That got me flipping so it's a matter of time since I already communicated my plans to the good people of Davis GMC. A few shipments later, the SC250 made it here & I just have to try one (with a very high probability of acquisition). 

The last time I bought a PRS was more than a decade ago. I was expecting a vast difference in standards between my McCarty & this SC250 but no stark differences were observed. By this, I was referring to revisions in hardware, construction philosophy & tone but PRS kept what worked for them. This successful formula was perpetuated so nothing was fixed if it wasn't broken before. The SC250 in question was thrilling in every aspect despite a very fundamental core line feature being excluded- it wasn't curved top. The finish & fitting is immaculate as ever & the instrument is lightweight, staying true to PRS' belief that weight plays an integral part in tone generation. 

OK, so from this pic you'd notice the 'strange' pickups in there but that's for another episode.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Selling: Gibson 490R/490T pickups

Removed & kept away. I've forgotten they are still here with me. Selling as a set only.
  • Selling: Gibson 490R/490T pickups (uncovered, 2-conductor)
  • Condition: 8/10
  • Self-collect: CCK mrt station
  • No reservations/ trades
  • Queries/ confirmation:
  • Price: $139 (final)

PRS: S2 SC250 Singlecut

Guitar fans, you know how it is with PRS' Singlecut model when it was first introduced at the turn of the century; it was deemed a violation of an established design. Since then, PRS' Singecuts have withstood the legal test & production is now running stronger than ever. The S2 here isn't the standard affair PRS has to offer because it's really a mid-priced instrument, sitting between the affordable SE & 'core' models (PRS calls it the 'core' range instead of the over-used 'standard'). It's a little ironic the S2 was conceived after these two 'extreme' offerings were in place but as it is, it's making commercial sense & it's a win-win situation. 

The S2 replicated majority of the SE features while delivering core-like quality in terms of fitting & finishing. Yes, much of the electronics & hardware are non-American, the instrument in whole, was finalized in Maryland, USA. Together with a non-curved body top, the SC250 managed to list for 50% off the core range prices. Now that's a whopping $1.5K 'discount' so to speak. Despite such cost cutting, the SC250 is virtually faultless in terms of craftsmanship. In anyone's hands, the guitar would undeniably invoke a feel of satisfaction in terms of worth. All this despite that rather uninspiring maple top with very little hint of flame. In fact, PRS states it to be, for the record, 'figured' maple. All in all, the feel of this instrument does not quite represent its other core range siblings but 'cheap' isn't the tag for it. Most certainly not.

Moving on to tone, what do you expect form a PRS Singlecut model? A low-&-behold bottom end generator? That would be a negative due to the instrument's weight- it's light. Light guitars do not manifest a firm response in this frequency range. Unplugged, the SC250 sounds bright but organic. Once plugged in, the #7 humbuckers sound intriguing clean. All manner of warmth comes from both the #7 pickups & would certainly please the jazz camp. It's quite a different story in dirt mode; the pickups give a hint of being drive receptive but they won't bow down to extremity. Putting it simply- the #7s are more vintage sounding as opposed to being tools for all out distortion. Be informed that the instrument include a pair of push-pull coil split switch but they have been wired to tap one of the humbucker coils instead of muting it completely. This is the reason why, upon removal of its control cavity, you'd see a pair of mini capacitors wired to the push-pull switch. In addition to some convincing single coil voicings, you'd hear less hum as well so this is an added bonus.

Alrighty! Let's conclude what the S2 Singlecut is all about. Categorically, this guitar is a member of the mid-price family, nothing excessive & certainly nothing too cheap as well. From the 'PRS' label, we expect a lot in terms of quality expectations & the SC250 certainly didn't let us down in this department. Some of us would question if that maple top is a deserving inclusion in this instrument but many of us are simply happy that it's not downright ugly. Tone-wise, the S2 is one from the contemporary camp. I wouldn't imagine any prog players being too happy with this guitar but the blues-rock dude would find plenty of nice tones on board. Distortion mongers need to re-think their options if they wish to leave those #7 humbuckers in tact. As far as I'm concerned- & I know I have a rather high standard when it comes to acceptable distortion threshold- the #7s are not that accommodating in this department.

Rating: 75%

Availability: Davis GMC
Price: $1,650 (bag included)

*PS: Thanks, Janet & company for letting me have a go at this guitar :-)

Friday, August 15, 2014

Seymour Duncan: Pegasus

The Pegasus here completes my Seymour Duncan 'Next Gen' adventure. After the installation of this Pegasus in a certain guitar, it would mean I have heard the Black Winter, Nazgul, Pegasus & Sentient in action. Hopefully, this is enough playing time to comment & recommend fellow players should they wish to embark in a similar tone adventure.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

SUGI guitars: Promo @ Davis GMC

Sugi Guitars are currently on promo at Davis GMC. If you think this is a run-of-the-mill Eastern manufacturer, Sugimoto was largely responsible for the limited run Steve Vai's 25th Anniversary EVO JEM (Here: CLICK). Worth every cent of the asking price.

PIC: Davis GMC

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Ibanez: AW535

A new one by Ibanez: AW535. Nothing refreshing though, solid spruce top, D-style acoustic.

But this is new by the manufacturer- a maple wedge in between rosewood pieces. Then again, great names like Takamine for instance, have been there & done that. I'm documenting this here to acknowledge Ibanez's efforts in leveling up against the acoustic specialists. Despite being one of the forerunners in solid body electrics, Ibanez had never been a revered entity when it comes to acoustics. My encounters with Ibanez acoustics throughout the years- fantastic but not quite desirable compared to the big 3 here: Martin/ Taylor/ Takamine.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

GIbson: DJ Ashba signature LP

Do you know DJ Ashba? If you don't, then I'm not about to show you who he is. More importantly, he's given a signature Gibson LP pictured above. There isn't a missing knob there. That's a pickup selector & the one up at the original position is a kill switch. But we have to give it to him for being firm about his tonal needs; the pickups here are Seymour Duncans (JB + Alnico II Pro). Deserving? We reserve judgments for that but it goes to show that commercial propulsion prefers exposure to talent. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Epiphone: Slash pack

Epiphone's latest release: The Slash AFD performance pack. Fundamentally a starter set featuring a souped-up Epiphone LP Speciall II & an amp. That guitar, despite the Slash decal at the headstock, is far from being a Slash guitar. It's a flat top body with a 1X Volume/ 1X Tone set of controls which are not 'Slash' features. However, thumbs up to the tuner inclusion which would benefit the newbies picking up this pack.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Weekend noodling

It's the weekend. I kept things simple:
  • Aria: 615 Frontier
  • Maxon: OD808
  • Marshall: JVM 1W
There were no intentions to dwell in the clean realm so the JVM was utilized along with the OD808. The Aria has a high output humbucker in it so it was an all-out dirt affair. I had been in chromatic mode for some weeks now. It's not an attempt to revise my phrasings but it just opens up more connections between metal & non-metal ideas. If you embrace chromatics, you'd discover quite an endless avenue of what works. In fact, everything works, it's up to you to fit these chunks of ideas into your compositions. Isn't that great? You are in control of your ideas instead of being enslaved to finite scales.  

Anyway, this school of thought had forced me to utilize 4-notes per strings ideas more extensively & it worked wonders for finger strength. My left hand is currently quite independent from my right. Under lots of drive, I do not have to pick every note & that cleans up my playing tremendously.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

49th year of excellence

Today is Singapore's 49th birthday. I'd like to wish my country a happy birthday because it's great living here. I can get my gear just by taking a ride to the stores. Elsewhere, people take time-off or wait for a timely break from work just to travel for gear acquisition. I appreciate this, I really do.

However, the recent occurrences had dark clouds looming over my country, whether the authorities are aware or acknowledge this presence or not- there is a dark presence. There are people bombing others out there over disputes we are not totally privy to but my country is actually transacting with one of the warring factions. I do not wish to be opinionated & let's face it; it's downright unintellectual to be moved by facts which are not subjected to full disclosure- it's called politics. On a personal note, I'm offended by the authorities that use 'Singapore' to manifest political opinions & allegiances. This country did not agree to anything that happened elsewhere, the politicians do & they should stop being collective on the people's behalf. If they have to make a stand over foreign affairs, then leave 'Singapore' out of it.

So instead of watching the parade on TV till the end, I turned it off after 20min or so. Regardless, this is my country & I wish her all the best & continuous prosperity but I will differ in my actions.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Vox: Night Train combo

I believe there is a sizable pool of Vox's Night Train amp fans out there. This then, should be good news- the NT is now offered in a lunch-box design, differing from it's head format design which is more contemporary. Just look at the pic above & you'd notice the semblance of the AC series.

Top view- proof that the NT essence are all in tact. There is an added feature though, a 'THICK' option that bypasses the tone controls with an added gain stage. This would appeal to those of us who want more intensity without adding pedals to the chain. Expect to pay about $750-ish for one & I'd say this is a fair list price considering that it's an all tube affair & features Celestion G12M Greenback in there. It's not a pointless introduction indeed.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gibson: All wood

This is the Gibson LP All Wood. Yes, as the name implies, the guitar was endowed with wooden parts. Well, majority of the parts. I personally find this guitar elegant but the name is a little misleading considering that it's not 100% wood. Oh, that nut- it's tektoid. The instrument is also strung with a set of 9 - 46 instead of the traditional set of 10s for an instrument of this scale length.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Martin cheer

It's midweek already :-) Here's something to cheer you up if you are looking for a good acoustic- City Music has Martins on sale. Limited time offer, do take note.

PIC: City Music

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Agile: Septor Pro 625 EB Nat Ash Custom (2)

I'm with simplicity these days. People warned me against being too simple to such an extent I am left with no options to vary my tone. Well, there are many of us out there who would rather work with the options we prefer & this is what I prefer in the mean time; bare minimum. Reason- more focus on ability than excessive tinkering. 

I've replaced the default Cepheus humbucker with a Seymour Duncan Dimebucker to complement the light ash body. The overall acoustics sound bright so the Dimebucker adds bottom end girth while accentuating the ash's brightness. Yes, that's quite the Dimebucker specialty- elevating that brightness into a rich harmonics content. It's quite the opposite of what a Duncan Pearly Gates would do, really. As usual, all re-wiring done by Beez, including the push-pull coil split (volume knob) option. If not for the push-pull affair, Beez would have done it under 10 minutes.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Agile: Septor Pro 625 EB Nat Ash Custom

This is my latest catch, an Agile Septor Pro. It was initially a custom order but it didn't make the cut so it was sold as a B-stock (more on the reject factor in subsequent installments). More importantly, it's to my specs & I wouldn't pass the chance without giving it due considerations. After 3 days of thinking & some correspondences with the Rondo guys, it was a done deal.

The Agile stuff are definitely worth every cent. In fact, I deem them to be the highest dollar-to-quality product out there & this is done without the backing of an assuring brand name (brand name goodwill adds to cost, not to quality). If you have been playing guitar for a while, you would know that brand name doesn't guarantee anything, especially quality deficiency. How about cutting corners where nobody could see? That counts too. This isn't my initial deal with the Rondo guys & I know where these products stand in terms of purchase satisfaction. Certainly not my last from Rondomusic :-)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

My time with Dime

This is Seymour Duncan's Dimebucker (SH-13). It's a signature product, one specified by the late Dimebag Darrell, to sit specifically in the bridge position. This isn't my initial encounter with the Dimebucker, I have it in another guitar: CLICK

After hearing sound clips of the Dimbucker & understanding its pedigree, I know it would benefit players who peddle bass notes. I reckoned it'd sit well with a baritone or extended scale guitar & I was right. My first Dimebucker continues to serve my Ibanez RGD321 well. The key to liking the SH-13 is understanding what it has to offer. It has an obscene amount of output with a ceramic magnet driving your output. If you favour distortion coming from your amp, the Dimebucker will do you good. What makes the Dimebucker different from the Distortion or the Custom for that matter, as these other pickups do the bottom end chugging very well too. The SH-13 has a more pronounced treble because that's the way Dimebag did his tone; he pinched & squealed harmonics without switching pickups so the bridge unit has to double up as a good bottom end feeder as well as a harmonic screamer. If you have a pressing need for ubiquitous harmonics, the SH-13 is it.

Selling: BOSS BD-2 (SOLD)

I have put this away for a while, tested it this morning & it's good to go. The pedal clear-out continues :-)
  • Selling: BOSS BD-2 Blues Driver (box included)
  • Condition: 8/10
  • Self-collect: CCK mrt station
  • No reservations, no trades
  • Queries/ confirmation:
  • Price: $85 (final)
Item SOLD :-)

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I was at Davis earlier today to check out these knobless pedals by Henretta Engineering. Turn them ON/OFF & that's about it. However, there are internal trim pots which can be accessed via the base plate removal to fine tune your desired performance before re-embracing the knoblessness performance once more. 

I have to give it to them for simplicity- thumbs up. However, it's rather annoyinng that one cannot vary one's desired outcome by turning some knobs. I think we are all accustomed to that & having none of that on offer here is just plain 'wrong'. However, if you are the set & forget type, they are highly recommended especially when the tones on offer are good tones, nothing wimpy. Compressor, fuzz, filter, boosts, tremolo, octave & a pre-amp are currently in the line up. No dedicated drive/distortion on offer yet.

Friday, August 1, 2014