Monday, October 31, 2016

New bosses

Wrapping up October with news of 2 new BOSS pedals:

  1. AD-2: What do you really hear when you are playing your acoustic guitar? That's right, you hear 2 things 1) The sound of vibrating metal strings 2) That same string sound with natural reverb- this is something we tend to overlook. To me, all those pedals recreating acoustic tones, those so called 'simulation' pedals, they are actually recreating a piezo-type tone, not the tone of a true blue acoustic. BOSS' AD-2 aims to address this oversight by adding a reverb element to that unplugged tone. It's something worth checking out even if you're not a fan.
  2. CP-1X: This is something the manufacturer claims their pedal could do- a new compressor unit that doesn't suck tone. I'm definitely a compressor fan but I hear those fine difference between a compressed & non-compressed tones only in clean mode. Pump the drive up & this difference becomes rather marginal. Once again, it's something worth checking out even if you've not been compressing your tones since day one.

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