Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A little different

I've been trying this last weekend- picked a guitar, did a re-string with a slightly thicker gauge (.010s in this case- yucks!) & tuned down (a half step). A sheer case of boredom? Not really. I'm assigning some guitars to fulfill specific intentions. In this case, this Gibson SGJ here will be permanently sporting a set of .010s & detuned. On days when I wish to get ideas across effectively, I ended up choosing the preferred instrument for the job instead of focusing on the manifestations of those ideas. That's not a smart outcome considering I have some tools at my disposal.

My fingers (& my mind for that matter) are averse to .010s- the tension is just 'wrong' for me in standard tuning. I make mistakes, I get frustrated, I stop playing. So this was an attempt to adapt to some discomfort & I must say it worked. So I have successfully pinpointed the cause of the 'problem'; I react specifically to string tension as opposed to the string gauge per se. Done.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

using 10-52 on my explorer (D-standard)