Monday, February 13, 2017


It had not been a good weekend but the bitter episodes are over. I'm not complaining too much because unforeseen circumstances were beyond my control. I just see it through. It's a matter of riding the hard times; it won't last forever.

These are 2 of my amps with crushing distortion on board, both deal with ferocity but they are worlds apart. The EVH is a beast. The industry knows its reputation in appeasing the heavy metal masses & has no plans to tame it despite the current manifestation of a clean channel (LBX II). The Ironheart has a distinctive bark that separates it from being recognized as a State-side tone. Strangely, its clean voicing hold its own. 

My point of bringing up an amp discussion in this entry- we sometimes look too much to our guitars for tonal preferences. In my books, amps play a more significant role in shaping tone than guitars. Consider the fact that a not-so-fantastic guitar would sound amazing through a good amp than a costly-highly-customized guitar through a sub-standard amp. However, we often keep buying guitars as opposed to spending good money on amps. Psychologically, the guitar is more attached to us physically & give an immediate reward in terms of affiliation & recognition. We need not play well but being seen with a badass guitar somewhat alleviates us in terms if being up there on guitar mountain & looking down at the rest of the world. But being up there without being heard is a fatal embrace. That's where a good amp comes into the picture. 

So friends, if you think you are sick & tired of guitar assortments, channel your funds to amps instead. These days, good amps won't cost you a kidney, they are out there waiting to be discovered. The issue with many of us is, we restrict ourselves in terms brand names & do not take time to hear them in action. 

Wishing you a good week ahead. 🎸

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