Friday, February 3, 2017

SR 30th

Still in the Ibanez camp, the SR bass is also celebrating its 30th birthday. This is of course over-shadowed by the JEM's 30th anniversary but I'd mention this here on grounds of impartiality. 😁

I'm not a bass person & still struggle when handling a full scale bass. My dad has an SR bass which he plays during wedding performances & that exposure was my personal encounter with the SR. It's is a sleek bodied bass with a very comfortable neck profile. The SR to me is the S-Series of the Ibanez bass range. The SR managed to overthrow the RG bass during its heyday in terms of popularity/preference & survived the years. The anniversary SRs were made special by being semi-hollow units instead of a full blown solid body. It's something the manufacturer never did with this range & has a possibility of throwing the purists off in terms of expectations. Fans should be thankful that the anniversary models are in the Standard & Premium range as opposed to the more costly Prestige line up.