Sunday, February 5, 2017

Still Mummy-ing

I'm still busy with these picks. They are not entirely customized to my specs but they are sporting my preferred colours & thickness. The clear version is the manufacturer's default model (2.75mm). I like them for their tank grade hardness but light at the same time so no unnecessary effort is required to overcome the weight resistance. 

What does a preferred pick do to your playing? It gives you more articulation. The simple reason being, it's what you want it to be so it's the 'perfect' tool for the job. It's how the tennis player feel after getting his dream racket & how the footballer feels after putting on his dream boots; the perfect implement at your disposal. There's now more focus on the crucial element- your playing.

Then comes a friend who says your pick is crap, it's unplayable. You should be smiling broadly because you now have proof that the picks are absolutely unusable unless it's handled by you. Perfect. However my friends, your preferences may change along the way, on various grounds. As such, your preferred pick may change. You will then retire your previous love in the knowledge that they've served you well. 

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