Sunday, July 1, 2018


Howdy folks! We're into the other half of the year & things would pretty much go with the new at this time. Lots of Summer Namm updates, we begin with this one (actually, it began a few entries ago with the Vox update)- Squier's Contemporary Active Jazzmaster HH. 

Whammyless, simple controls & active circuitry- these should give you the idea of where you should go with this instrument, music-wise; definitely not the jazz way. I've not tried any of the Contemporary Squiers in person so no comments on the QC till next time. What I see from this range of guitars is that Squier up the game in terms of appeal. Appeal hear refers to features & objectivity to propel the brand name on. More importantly, these guitars will have a specific camp of believers who see something in the details & that would mean Squier had paid attention to the details in terms of marketing considerations.

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