Sunday, August 26, 2012

Ibanez JCs

It's a good summer over at State-side; Ibanez's J-Custom finally made it there- RG20126...

We have our J-Customs here before but the RG8420 is new at Swee Lee's BB showroom.

It's interesting to see that Ibanez had given them different model references because by the looks of it, they are identical. However, the difference lies under that maple top; the RG20126 sports an alder body while the RG8420 is mahogany. Cult Ibanez fans would be a little annoyed not seeing DiMarzios in these top tier models (both guitars featur Duncan's C5 (B) & Jazz (N). I'd reckon they'd wait for other models to come by.

I've tried the RG8420 a few days ago through a tube amp & it's one heck of a player. No, not because it features my preferred pickup brand but because it's a well-made, good-sounding instrument in its own right. I'm not keen on one though due to that vine inlay as it alludes too much to the JEM; I'm not into elaborate fretboard markings so I'd give this one a miss.

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