Thursday, August 30, 2012

High gainer(s)

Some days ago, I was @ SV to try out the MINI High Gainer pedal but since both versions are in stock, I had a go at both of them. Both pedals serve the common intention of dishing out hotter-than-standard distortion without breaking into the metal boundary. Some of us prefer this kinda voicing because it prooves to be more dynamic than the typical heavy metal type distortion. It gives us both the crunchy/intense modes just by dialling in the desired GAIN amount. However, do note that the MINI High Gainer has a more protrusive treble response which remains flagrant even when the EQ is dialed in to snub that top end. If you are on a budget & wish to own the MINI version, be sure to offset this with a good post-gain EQ. Otherwse, go with the standard size High Gainer featuring a more charismatic EQ section (despite being 2-band)- from FAT to SHRIEK, it's all there.

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