Wednesday, October 14, 2015

SC tones

I'm with single coils lately. There's this single coil clarity that's unlike a split coil humbucker tone. Granted, the single coils do not possess this thumping humbucker tone for heavy metal but given a good amp, it'll pass & maybe shame some humbuckers along the way. I'm in it for the clarity more than anything else. Individual notes are just more appealing coming from single coils both in clean & driven modes. Along the way, I was drawn too much to distortion & develop this opinion that humbuckers are superior to single coils but SRV & Eric Johnson showed why single coils matter when one treats them as tools for the trade rather than having them around just for the sake of variety. 

The guitar you see here is my LTD ST-213, nothing fancy. I bought this in an attempt to move away from the Fender-single coils association but I still revere Fender for the single coil tones. However, this LTD has some good feel & definition going so I bought it for those reasons as opposed to that unmistakable ash body look. Also, many players would consider ash & maple an overkill in terms of brightness but my philosophy is this- I'd rather have more that I can subtract from rather than working with limitations.

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