Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Under the lash of gravity

My current fix right now- Gravity picks (another mention but worth it, I guess). As seen here, the orange tint indicates the 3mm thickness, some of the picks feature a polished bevel, others do not. I'm down to choosing this preference, so a little trial & error here & re-ordering was inevitable.

The unpolished edges mean you get a raw attack, very rewarding if you are the riff-ster type, you dwell on the lower, wound strings mostly. However, for plain strings, I'd say it would manifest a hindrance in terms of speed. The polished edges on the other hand are too 'slippery' for wound strings but its smooth contact would win fans with shredders. 

Bro Ijau, if you are reading this, I think I sent over a thin version for you to try. If it's good enough for you, maybe you can latch onto my subsequent orders.

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