Saturday, October 24, 2015

Under the lash of golden gravity

This is Gravity Pick's prime output- the Gold series pick. Let it be clear that it's plastic, nothing too different from the Chicken Pick version. Both are temperature tampered to manifest rigidity & durability. However, this pick has a more plastic feel than its Chicken Pick counterpart, very synthetic once put to use. It does possess a smooth texture to complement the speed freaks' need for a high (both riffsters &shredders alike would be appeased). After an hour of some crazy death metal riffing & going berserk with solos, the pick showed very little wear considering I'm not too kind with my picks, it's just the way I play. Other than this consideration, everything else treads on normality, nothing special going on here despite the rather astronomical asking price. I'm gonna stick to the acrylic range, thank you.

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