Monday, November 23, 2015

City Music: SALE (recommendations Part 2)

If you don't mind that pointy outline, Charvel's Desolation (discontinued) DST1ST is definitely a value-for-money consideration. A sub-$400 instrument with a pair of EMGs on board, complementary cable & tuner in the package- awesome (bag not included). You might be distracted by that DST3FR there which is definitely more affordable but be wary of the FR Special bridge. 

Strictly personal- the FRS is on my unworthy list of guitar implements & it's not gonna be removed any time soon. The entire mechanism is a little stiff, implication- tuning stability is highly likely to be unreliable. The major upset are the zinc saddles. The locking mechanism here necessitates loosening & tightening. Many of us would have a tendency to over-tighten & the saddles will crack. If you decide to purchase the DS3TFR above, do keep this in mind.

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