Wednesday, November 25, 2015

PRS: SE 277

I've been waiting for this to happen (honest)- a non-signature PRS SE Baritone. The SE 277 you see here is such a guitar. That's right, the 277 there refers to the instrument's scale length- 27.7" which necessitates thicker-gauged strings to be used & maybe a lower tuning to be employed. That would mean the 277 is predominantly 'metal' in its application but...

... PRS also has the semi-hollow version for you to consider (especially those among us who are averse to lower tunings & do not embrace heavy metal). That P-90s in there should ensure some spanking cleans despite the longer scale length. *Checks wallet*

EDIT: The SE 277 Semi-Hollow is available at Davis GMC at time of entry.

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