Thursday, November 26, 2015

November's listening pleasure

Here's my late November listening adventure...
  1. John Scofield: Past Present. I'm a big Sco fan. He's one of a kind. He fuses jazz stuff with the rock stuff without thinking too much, feel is everything. He's not afraid of using digital implements in his set up so everything Sco puts up becomes my listening essential.
  2. Scale the Summit: V. These guys aren't quite as prog-intense as Animals As Leaders but they are accomplished musicians in their own turf. This isn't an opportunity to churn out lame music, though. If you bother  listening to them, they play fine music. If you are into instrumentals without speed obligations, these guys are a must. I always buy their stuff direct (from their website), this one was in the mail not too long ago.
  3. Coroner: Punishment for Decadence. This was a chance acquisition. I thought this release wasn't going to be available anywhere, I thought it was done with but you just don't know what Inokii would haul in every now & then. I used to own this in the cassette tape format, I remember buying it at Queensway Shopping Center after school. If memory served me right, I bought a Morbid Angel release with this one. Worth the trouble because Coroner was one of those bands with impeccable musicianship. All those recess pocket money gone to music; it was worth it.
PS: Chan/ Mr. Ho- if you are reading this, I will still BUY CDs, it's not gonna stop anytime soon.

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