Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A ray from the broken dawn

In a knee-jerk reaction against naysayers, Gibson's CEO spells a brighter future ahead with a review of the circumstances. The primary strategy is to eliminate doomed brand names under its umbrella so things aren't so rosy for Cakewalk. He reiterated the belief in propelling the Philips brand consumer audio as one of its business focus citing growth potential as its strength. There's also a 7-year plan to bring debts down to zero. 😐 The irony here is that Gibson currently owns brand names which can possibly help ease its predicament; Kramer, Tobias & Steinberger, among others. This is what happens to putting your revenue eggs squarely into the 'Gibson' name & neglecting the potential of others.

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YusTech said...

Gibson must force their dealer to take in the less shine brands(mentioned above) they have under their belt a.k.a forcing distributors to take as much order on top of the LP's and SG's etc. Sounds brutal and cruel but this is business and also should be seen as to appropriately educate their dist/dealers since its proven they are not doing a good job to the consumers.

These dist/dealers is an important entity bridging the gap between manufacturer and consumers. I would also like to see dist/dealers wearing the consumer hat when the need arise e.g. warranty/quality issues against manufacturers(not only toward Gibson in particular) etc.

Most of us are fine with social media product presentation but there's a minority of us that still prefers physical print media. Finding those catalog is like searching for brown gold. Unlike Ibanez, their catalog are easily available here. Gibson needs to relearn human/guitarist nature. They like to talk about with friends,look at it before sleep, and dream it then a sale could be considered(one day). My 2 cent.