Thursday, February 8, 2018

Been had?

This was featured in the local papers last week. A website claiming to be selling guitars for 90% off the list price.

Seller claimed guitars were released for sale at cost prices due to export complications & salvage appropriation. 

Sale was further promoted by social media postings. We need to be cautious when dealing with such too-good-to-be-true deals. At the very least, engage in preliminary correspondence with the seller & do not commit to buy immediately. Yes, we should put a good deal of trust on accommodating online sellers but we also need to protect ourselves from commercial complications should there be legal repercussions. if you're willing to go down for this kind of deal, what does that show about you? 


Ijau D. Koceng said...

also happened in Malaysia and Hong Kong if not mistaken, same MO

YusTech said...

I heard rumours about this. Here's how it work as I was told. The buyer need not pay in advance but only pay when it arrived by courier. The buyer must pay the courier prior opening the package. The package would not feature the actual item. Money has exchange hands and buyer end up with a cheap not so Martin axe.

I knew it initially this sounded too good to be true but I wanted to order one but I couldn't find the page. What we all should do is order the thing beramai ramai. Don't accept/open the package and send the courier guy back. The courier company would still have to charge the scammer for the journey. That will teach them a good lesson. Consumer and Courier wins. Scammer lost. LOL!

At least that's how I would've do it.