Sunday, February 11, 2018

Squier Contemporary

Not to be out done by the other big names this NAMM 2018, Squier has some new models in the spirit of all things new. The HSS Strat here features a matching headstock-body finish.

Ditto the HH Strat & yes, they feature a volume & tone knob each unlike a typical Strat.

For metal geeks- the Active HH Strat. No specific model was cited for the Floyd Rose bridge which might be a Special. The pickups are in-house brands. 

Of course, an obligatory Squier (HH) inclusion. I'd love to check them out once they are made available in the stores. The QC & overall reputation of the Squire range are on an up swing. I'd rather invest in a Squier than an Ibanez GIO for instance, to get the money's worth. 

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YusTech said...

+1 for two point,rosewood fingerboard and small headstock.