Thursday, February 15, 2018

Borrowed freshness

If you detected the whiff of a new Gibson Flying V recently, you were right. The details are now official, images are made plain for all to see. 

However, if you think the design is a fresh perspective, then be informed that the Jackson Roswell Rhoads happened in 1996/1997. We note the very influential outlines seen in the new Gibson Flying V but we do not infer downright cloning. However, we cannot unsee what we saw. The new V has a steep list price of USD4,999 owing to its custom shop origins. We give it to Gibson for moving away form the traditional outlines but can't quite forgive the fact that its running on borrowed themes. Maybe it's just me. 

1 comment:

YusTech said...

I remember the Roswell Rhoads from a Jackson catalog years ago. Looks cool but never stumble to one ever. What Gibson doing is totally uncool. My 2 cent Sir.