Saturday, January 14, 2012

Worthy quote: Larry LaLonde

Some of us are the players we are today due to our (guitar) teachers. Primus' Larry LaLonde paid tribute to his teacher in a recent guitar magazine interview:

... he really was an amazing, patient teacher. He taught me tons of technique, specifically string-skipping & sweep-picking, but he also helped me to break out of bad habits & make my fingers go to places on the fretboard that they didn't want to go. I still have my lesson book, & I go back sometimes & use the warm-up exercises that he showed me. The thing that set him apart from other teachers was that he was good at giving you information as well as just saying, 'Here's how you play.'

Larry LaLonde, Kirk Hammett & Alex Skolnick among others, were once under the tutelage of Joe Satriani. A good teacher inspires others to become masters of themselves, this is proof.


Dr. Ben said...

P O S S E S S E D ! ! !

LG said...

How about yourself Sub? Any inspiring teachers? said...

i'm self-taught :-)