Monday, August 31, 2015

Super V

The Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Super V is a signature product for George Lynch. Despite its celebrity status, it features an Alnico II magnet & 2 conductors only.

The Super V is a current resident in my PRS S2 Standard Singlecut's bridge position. As the magnet on board is the weaker Alnico II, the pickup has limited volume performance & that's all too natural. In fact, it struggled to keep up with the Seymour Duncan Phat Cat you see here in the neck position & there was a need to reconcile their respective heights for optimum performance in this aspect. So why bother, you ask? The Super V was conceived to propel sustain & harmonics in mind. As such, the magnet should not over-power string vibrations too much & Alnico II was the right magnet for the task. As such, the sustain available was impressive. The harmonics are true to claim, especially so if you are at high gain settings. Speaking of gain, the Super V is drive-inclined through & through. You'd aspect a weaker magnet to shine in clean mode but the Super V isn't as stellar in this consideration as expected. A celebrity pickup with lots of superb potential but limited by price & availability- pity.

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