Thursday, April 7, 2016


We know where Mastodon stands when it comes to all things heavy without wimping out on tone. We know where the Mastodon guitarists stand when it comes to getting what they want without selling out on quality. With all due respect, I'm not here to debase the Epiphone label. I'm here to express confusion as to why Brent Hinds chooses to Epiphone his tone while he's seen playing everything else on stage. Like Jeff Waters (Annihilator) before him, there is this peculiar embrace of Epiphone. It's a contemptuous statement to opine that some people are doing it for the money but let's not speculate. Mastodon is currently one of the biggest name in metaldom & the members can play anything they want in the world. 



thraxil said...

From his instagram post, it sounds like he's just been frustrated with dealing with Gibson:

Ijau D. Koceng said...

you take the high road down, i take the ground below you... up the epiphone! said...

Some manufacturers cannot keep up with bands/players of a certain profile with specific needs. They are willing to ignore these 'problematic' few because they are doing well with others.