Wednesday, April 27, 2016

LTD ST: The end

If you head over to ESP's homepage, you won't find any more LTD ST models listed there. In fact, the entire series had been removed from the catalogs. The model you see here is the ST-213, it's about the price of a Mexican Strat but I prefer the workmanship & feel over a Mex Strat, not to mention its value-for-money manifestations.

The only Strat-like model left in the LTD pages is this Snapper SN-200 but as you can see, the headstock is a little quirky & the body outline is less convincing compared to its ST counterpart. Of course, one less knob as well.

If you wish to salvage what's left of the STs, Davis GMC still has some models left & they are all in awesome condition.


Ijau D. Koceng said...

maybe because snapper-shape SN was their own original design rather than ST... maybe, my 2 cents said...

Also, the main ESP line has no focus on the ST design any more, putting them away for good seems economical.