Sunday, March 26, 2017

California dreaming

Finally gotten time to get these fixed into...

... my Fender American Special Strat. Was done last week at Beez's. Due to the over-hanging fretboard which blocked the pickguard & created a hassle in terms of removal & re-attachment, the entire neck was left at home. I just needed the pickups to work, that's all. It was also raining heavily, not a good day to be lugging instruments around town.

Quick re-string with a set of D'Addario 009s.

Good to go. If you are not accustomed to neck removal & attachment, please do not do so. A bad removal will crack the neck pocket's thinner wall of paint. It'll make it look like the pocket cracked but it's really just the paint. Also, a bad re-attachment may lead to alignment issues or even a bad action setting leading to fret buzz. But if you know what to do, having a guitar body in your bag & getting round in public transportation is bliss.

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