Sunday, March 12, 2017


These are the default pots in my Fender Duo-Sonic (Mex) & they are evidently of Asian origin. This is a popular consideration for many guitars these days, even American ones. Skimping? Maybe but let's not be dismissive of the fact that they work well.


YusTech said...

How is the pot gradual response sub? Do they perform like CTS or straight from 0 to 10.Thanks.

Errik Wong said...

I've had equal experiences for both Alpha and CTS pots that I have installed on my guitars as well as for friends. Ironically I've bought CTS originals via a renown USA-based DIY and luthier equipment website (rhymes with "brew back") and received a load of duds. Got replacements but at least 2 have died on me. Locally-sourced ones from SV have worked well so far though.