Saturday, March 25, 2017

Earth Hour 2017

Earth hour 2017; we ended our observations just minutes ago. This year, no candles were lit up as everyone in the house was rather lethargic. We chose to sleep it through (ok, they have called it a day), less yours truly here. I'm not someone who would easily fall into slumber under the cloak of night. Born with Batman DNA, I guess.

Anyway, what's an hour's worth of shut down mean to the environment? Dollars & cents aside, it is the accumulative acknowledgement of the people towards power consumption. If you are true to the cause, regardless of the savings, you'd do it. Is it asking too much for you not to consume power for an hour today considering the fact that you've been using more than an hour's worth of power prior to this? How about accepting the fact you've been devouring power for hours on end on a daily basis. That's just a domestic consideration- we have industrial, commercial & civic use of power as well. I'm not an environmental renegade in this aspect but it's about knowing where one stands in this perspective; if you can do your part, why not chip in. 😉

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