Monday, March 13, 2017

Price watch (6)

Was online shopping (didn't buy anything, though). Came across the above instruments. You'd agree (especially Ibanez fans) that the guitars on Side A are the same guitars on Side B, less the finish options but prices are different. Why the fuss?

Not fussing but online business entities can do better with pricing consistencies. As an Ibanez fan, I know these guitars were released at a different time hence the different pricing with reference to the currency rates of that particular year of release. Maybe it helps if there's a reconciliation of sorts in terms of price. There're implications when you stock the same items sporting two different prices. At the very least, it affects the business' goodwill. No offence to the business entity concerned but at this day & age, buyers are wary of the seller's reputation.


sweetmethane said...

As consumers, we can only wonder how does the retailer price their goods accordingly? For example, i saw a Fender American special Jazzmaster priced very similar to the American professional series jazzmaster. For a start, these 2 are from different series with professional series one tier above the special series. I realised the only factor is because it happen to be an FSR (factory special run) model. From what i know there's only a $50-$100usd difference between fsr and non fsr models but our local retailer charged a high premium to such an extend.. Sigh* said...

It seems that there's much unhappiness with our price discussions here. We need to remind people out there that prices are now open info & people (especially those who passionately keep in touch with gear) tend to notice things & it tend to flag some issues.