Friday, March 17, 2017

Not true

Every day, guitar geeks out there spend hours on end detailing gear. They take note of every possible detail, every irregularity, every variation, every inconsistency, every this & that because it's their passion. What happened over at a popular social media website featuring more photos than anything else (yes, you should know what I'm talking about) is about pride. 

As indicated above, the manufacturer wanted people to check out one of their models through that posting. Nothing malicious here, they are a commercial entity, they have every right to carry out a product promo.

What cracked everyone up was the fact that the picture was not a Firebird Studio model. I'm putting the right reference here for you to compare/ take note of. No idea what took place but an oversight like this one speaks volume about the amount of pride taking place over at the organization's commercial division. You wish others to embrace your instrument philosophy but you overlooked such a simple task. Hmm... 😶

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