Monday, July 31, 2017

A chorus of approval

I'm ending July with this sharing. I've been plugging solid body guitars into my acoustic amp for clean tones. The tone benefits from the onboard chorus feature, making it a little brighter so that the instrument's tone knob can be of more use to vary proceedings. Many of us are guilty of ignoring the tone control, letting it be at maximum setting regardless of what we play, be it driven or clean tones.

That's right, the key consideration there is chorus; it makes clean tones happier & more defined in terms of clarity. Fellow chorus users, I don't know if you hear this but I am very happy with that slight push in gain when the chorus is activated. I went out to hunt for the most affordable chorus pedal out there to make sure I wasn't tripping on make belief. The Danelectro Cool Cat chorus here was less than $40 & it generates a range of very inviting tones. I'm not a modulation fan, effects like chorus, phaser & flanger are very annoying (to me) & they get in the way of single note definition. However, the chorus is something beneficial for clean tones & shouldn't be written off for its less than appealing performance with distortion in general. 

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