Monday, July 3, 2017

Distorting anger

Some stuff.
  1. An angry amp will see your anger through. More precisely, if you wish for some extreme distortion, you'd be more successful addressing it over at the amp- get a high gain unit, first & foremost.
  2. Push it, push it some more. If you think everything is OK 👌 but have a feeling it can do better with a little push, get a basic drive/distortion pedal. Let's relate to the set up seen above. The EVH 5150 is a raging beast. My distortion unit only works well in the blue (crunch) channel where there's a little restraint of sorts. The red (lead) channel will mush individual notes up given the pedal treatment. I had to switch to an OD unit (my 2 fav reference: Pro Tone Dead Horse/ BOSS OD-3) to ensure some clarity while keeping it very angry. So let's not assume whatever pedal you have in your collection would turn out well with an amp of choice.
  3. Your guitar will deliver if you know your gear. My semi-hollow PRS Mira seen here is perhaps the 'wrong' choice for some angry black metal during a festive weekend (tell me about it!). We'd think a solid body instrument would be the wiser choice but as it was yesterday, the Mira was a perfect inclusion despite its hollow element (embrace the feedback if you choose to tread this path).
So the implication here is definitely a sum of the whole. That's right, every bit of your set up matters & there's no one attribute that reduces the final consideration even if it means putting something in there which isn't first choice to begin with. 

Hey, anyone checking out Tom Quayle later? 😁

PIC: Davis GMC

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