Monday, July 24, 2017

G&L goodness

So a good guitar deserves a worthy mention. This one's a G&L ASAT Classic, basically a good American. It's not hiding the fact that it's a Telecaster & a proud manifestation of a hallowed heritage. I particularly like the satin finished neck; it's not too silky & does not require excessive time for a broken in feel. 

It's not mine though, belongs to a cousin- you might know his band, Urban Sensation. The instruction was to re-set up the guitar for a set of 10s & it so happened that I had a pack of 10 - 46 Blue Steel in the house. 

The guitar is a pre-owned instrument & from what I was dealing with, it looked under-played with almost no signs of wear (or play) at all, less the oxidized pair of screws that mount the metal control plate to the body. The frets looked dull as well & those received the fret eraser treatment. The string saddles were re-aligned to accommodate the new action which required a little height increment. 

Tone-wise, the Alnico pickups aren't high octane & they sound sweet clean. Under some settings, the neck sounded woolly & on the brink of turning muddy but a spike in treble over at the amp did help with clarity. I got the sweetest response with a Tube Screamer pedal pushing a dirty amp channel running on 1/4 drive; Nick Johnston territory with a Tele twang input- not bad at all.

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