Sunday, July 9, 2017

PRS clinic

Saturday afternoon at the Colonial @ Scotts. An afternoon of PRS show & tell of sorts.

That's right, coffee & wine on the house. A very big thank you to the good people at Davis for the generous servings. Good beverage & good guitar times do go hand in hand. 👍

On to the clinic proper, we have PRS rep, Jose Chaure, helming the session. In addition to the guitars, there was inside sharing pertaining to wood, hardware, pickups & other PRS philosophies. The general forbearance here is that PRS is downright fastidious when it comes to details. It's the primary philosophy of Paul Reed Smith himself who continues to supervise proceedings at the factory. Jose, by the way, spent time with Fender & Taylor prior to being a PRS employee. 

Jose brought his personal guitar along, a P22 model (P = Piezo equipped) in a custom blue finish. The guitar per se is a touring highlight with nicks & dings to showcase a well-travelled account but from a distance, the guitar looked pristine. It's equipped with a pair of 57/08 pickups (uncovered version), awesome tones from start to end.

Along with the guitar, Jose's Mrs took the front row to capture all the details of the show. 

All in all, it was a very relaxed presentation. Along with definitive PRS accounts were short performances; we heard Blackmore & Satriani among others, to put forth the tone highlight. On a personal note, I enjoy clinics more than downright shows. I value the educational bit of interaction as it empowers the individual to make informed choices in time to come. Once again, thanks to Davis GMC for making this happen.

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