Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tom Quayle @ SG

I was at the Tom Quayle guitar clinic last night, a very cosy venue & great acoustics to boot 👍

This was Mr. Quayle's set up, the fact that we could hear him through both his amp & the monitors meant it was a great surround sound experience. 

The t-shirt inclusion was unexpected.

Tom Quayle is a very technical guitar proponent. There is no letting down when it comes to theory so things could get very technical, very quickly but it didn't. This is where the skilful teacher weaves his magic. Tom Quayle put forth his theoretical grasps conceptually; spatial relationship, visual relationship & repetitions were among some interesting approaches served. The good teacher made sure information overload was dealt with via bite size servings. Complexity made simple. Done. This was my main take away from this session, coming from a non-musical background, there is much respite dealing with music this way. How would you approach the guitar your way because your way would be the best way for you.

Kudos to Davis GMC for  not pulling off (no pun intended) a hard selling stance to push the Laney products through. In fact, there was scant commercial dealings to begin with but we know that, through last night's experience, Laney's Lionheart amp is one of the best value-for-money unit out there in terms of pristine clean tones, the other side of Fender. Awesome!