Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Well, well, well... a 1997 Fender Frontline magazine was hiding between books, still in very good condition for a 20-year old publication. I used to bring this along to cafes for a good read back then. Life without wifi & data connection was simple & good.

That Strat on the cover- I wouldn't buy it. Look at that gap there, you'd wonder how it got through QC.

My first Fender was not a Strat for this reason; that headstock outline. Maybe I have OCD genes in me somewhere but I noticed how the trimming of that indicated outline was somehow 'wrong'. I've included the later, Y2K-ish headstock on the right for comparison. It seems that the design was somehow a little compressed at some points so to me it's quite repulsive. I bought a Tele 😜

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