Saturday, August 12, 2017

Vela Reid

So it finally happened- Vernon Reid's gotten his signature PRS. It moved away from being traditional by incorporating a locking, dual action whammy bridge, a V-profile neck as well as a humbucking neck pickup. That eccentric pick guard won't win fans over readily but it simply suits the personality of both the player & instrument. 

This is an important development for PRS because: 1) The Vela has finally gotten an ambassador 2) It's an endorsement for the S2 series. The Vela was PRS' initial offset model which was a hit/miss for the market at its time of release but from the way things are shaping up, it's more of a hit. The offset outline is a subtle shift from the usual double cutaway design but it was done not to be radical. The S2 range is picking up steam as it is, we see more adventurous involvements lately & it's a firm statement by the manufacturer; the S2 models mean something, they are not just there to appeal to the cost wary individuals. Let's hear what Mr. Reid has to say about his new squeeze:

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