Wednesday, August 23, 2017

JCM twang

Guitar geeks out there would know what it means to pair a Fender with a Marshall amp for some good cleans. Hendrix did it to good effect. That was a Strat with a non-fiery Marshall, of course. Following my 'discovery' of how a JCM800 clean proved to be more appealing than I thought it would be, plugging in my Tele into this set up was a clear winner. The Tele honk as they call it (playing both pickups via the middle position selector option), opened up some enjoyable finger picking ideas which I dwelled on today from start to end. Once again, some tools were meant to address a certain approach & it's a matter of stepping back to embrace the stuff beyond one's comfort zone. 

OK, maybe I'm getting old & prefer those distortion-free tones instead. 🙉

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