Sunday, August 13, 2017

Firm decision

For many of us, putting a certain guitar through a certain set is desecration. This is especially true when the guitar in question is revered for its application in a certain music genre. I still remember how a certain salesperson in a certain guitar store explicitly tell customers that the Telecaster is for country music only. This character had gone on to achieve cult status because everyone who had gone through his narrative in the said store was able to cite this claim. It is with this entry, my friends, that I urge you to put our gear through its deserving set up because your gear serves you. This is with respect to the type of music you play & the supplements you use to get you there. 

This afternoon for instance, I thought my Telecaster sounded great with a dose of distortion in the set up. Ordinarily, I would only employ a drive pedal to address my gain needs when it comes to single coils but the distortion simply took the response to another level so it deserves to be there. Even the Tele honk sounded great with a distortion. The disclaimer here is of course, whatever you decide to employ to get the job done, has to sound great to you. Others might disagree with your set up, that's because they have different needs & on that note, we all do.

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

currently using tele (J5) for metal :)