Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Blood page

If you think you know the last guitar you put away because you had enough of it, the best thing to renew your faith in it is to return with fresh ears. No, fresh ears would be impossible- more like fresh perspective. When I last played my John Page Ashburn you see here, I thought the Bloodline single coils were too trebly & twangy for my brand of music. However, a different EQ tweak (both at the pedal & amp ends) did renew some faith in this guitar. I was listening to Malmsteen's Blackstar prior to plugging this in so that helped somewhat. 

Many of us are too quick to give up on an impulsive investment. We think we made a grave mistake by doing so & getting rid of that guitar would end the nightmare. However, we might overlook the fact that some instruments fulfil different applications, just like tools. Screw drivers are not claw hammers despite getting the job done in a crude way; they're just not meant for that job scope. More often than not, it's the user who failed to assess the situation & bring out the right tool for the job. If you think you've given up on that piece of gear that sounded so wrong when you last used it, give it a rest. Come back to it when that awful tone stopped ringing in your head. You'd be surprised what some downtime could do for you. 

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

impulsive investment +1