Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Vs are in town

Davis GMC is now the official dealer of V-Picks. The models you see above are in stock.

I've been using V-Picks since leaving the Gravity camp for personal reasons, not that the latter picks are bad. They are both awesome references when it comes to acrylic picks & are close substitutes in terms of material & performance dare I say. These boutique names are indeed costly but still within reach unlike boutique pedals. If you could recall, V-Picks used to be available at BGW so some of us here were already into the V-Picks experience before this announcement. Also, people like yours truly here have been buying them online as well (like this one from 2016: CLICK). If you are fans of the Dunlop Stubby, you'd do well to check out V-Picks. These might not be life changing for you but for those of us who insist on hard picks, these might appeal in terms of durability & comfort. 


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