Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Silver leak

There was a major  blunder recently when one of PRS' distributor accidentally listed the to-be-released John Mayer signature model- ouch! So now the whole world knows it's called the Silver Sky & yes, that headstock there is a little quirky but it's intentional. It's Mr. Mayer's request for some treble side clearance to facilitate his quirks just like a Fender headstock with that similar clearance. More info coming this way soon as we look forward to a Spring announcement. 

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YusTech said...

Honestly sir I don't know whether to laugh or be sad at this moment. This a new low for a company such like PRS, clearly John has a love and hate feeling towards Corona brand. The fact that PRS decided to be a part of it is quiet disgusting. John should be aware about G&L,Suhr,Ibanez AZ etc oh yes don't forget the PRS 305(its much better I think)

This model will be in my 2018 ugliest guitars entry.Lol