Sunday, March 18, 2018

Sale tales

A couple of sale events took place over the last two days (Yamaha still effective till 18th March). Due to some work commitments, being at either venues at a good time to grab something worthy was a forlorn thought. 

After reading about the extended queue at City Music & the announcement (on Friday 16th March) at their FB page advising people not to come after 6.00pm due to the overwhelming response, I must say that I have missed some good deals there for sure. Nevertheless, I wish City Music more good years to come for they have played a significant part in the gear scene here. 

So the Yamaha/ Best Spot store was my consolation destination. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, just dropping by to maybe assess potential surprises but nothing came good from the effort. The good stuff were clearly taken away by keen buyers right at the start. I virtually walked into a store area occupied by boxed, less popular items with very little prospect of attraction & purchase. That's right folks, the good stuff, they were grabbed by bargain hunters on Day 1 (which was a week ago). Nothing for me this time. 😑 

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