Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ibanez: RG521 (3)

I seldom get positive encounters when it comes to Ibanez's in-house pickups. The branded, third party ones fared better in terms of my expectations. These are namely Seymour Duncan & DiMarzio models. The ones you see here in my RG521 are the V7 (N)/ V8 (B) humbuckers, the former being a ceramic unit & the latter, alnico.

I have no idea what the intention was by putting a ceramic core model in the neck position but the Ibanez people have let me down in this aspect yet again. If there's a hope of getting people to utilize the neck pickup for distortion inclined tones per se, then it might appeal to the solo purists. Many of us rely on the neck for smoother tones & immaculate cleans, generally, us solo geeks included. We like our bridge pickup to handle a more aggressive take for riffs instead. It would be a splendid idea to swap the magnet cores in time to come; have a ceramic-based pickup in the bridge, an alnico in the neck. I'm not writing off the V8 here entirely but it fell short on most occasions when a stinging, aggressive distortion is dialled up. No issues with the neck pickup in this aspect, even the cleans sound very appealing for a strong magnet type. 


jeremyrozario said...

theres a simple mod that some on the forums have tried, swap the neck and bridge magnets of the v7/v8

its basically cost free and reversible, maybe give it a try? said...

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I'm not a fan of the V pickups in any way. I look forward to removing these pickups form the guitar in the near future.