Tuesday, June 12, 2018


If you had been buying guitar magazines in the 90s, this would have been a familiar ad. I had been GASing for that Carvin ever since I came across this image + I'm a Tafolla fan.

Along the way, Tafolla did a non-Floyd/ reverse headstock model for himself which raised my GAS levels but I know the Carvin brand name was hard to come by here. City Music had some higher tier models in their showrooms which were mostly single cut away designs not to my liking. Subsequently, Music Ark became the Carvin dealer before Kiesel took over- still no DC model of this spec.

Late last year, Kiesel had this in stock going for an unbelievable price & it's about the closest I could get to the Tafolla version without spending a bomb. So now you know the background of this acquisition. Anyway, gave this guitar a wee bit more set up tinkering & I believe it's now according to my preference details & it played better than before. Late night Sunday shredding- done. 👌

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