Wednesday, June 20, 2018

New player

This was supposed to be a Summer NAMM (2018) revelation but was leaked along the way. The official announcement was made yesterday. With immediate effect, the Standard series is now effectively discontinued, replaced by the Player Series here, still made in Mexico like their predecessors. 

Yay or nay? The immediate nay factor would be the revised prices (upwards) so get ready to pay about $200+/- more for a Mexican Fender. From a commercial perspective, this is the definite opportunity to bring prices up by featuring 'revisions' in various models which we will look into in another blog episode. The strategy wasn't new as we noted this occurrence when the American Professional replaced the American Standard Series. The list price for a Mexican Strat/ Tele here is $899 so with the new Player prices kicking in soon, you'd be paying close to $1K for one. So is it time to grab whatever's left of the the current Standard models? Hmm...

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