Monday, June 4, 2018


Was at Beez's yesterday to get this pair of Teslas into my Fender MP Jaguar. The default pickups were above-average clean but not that enticing when it comes to overdrive. By the way, Teslas are going for 25% off at SV Guitars this sale season.

Did a capacitor replacement as well- it's a Montreux Retrovibe this time.

Last but not least, a quick re-string with the no-frills D'Addario XL set of 10s. Thank you Davis GMC for keeping prices reasonable! 

I'm very happy with this guitar not that it bears the Fender name, in fact, it means nothing at all. I'm fortunate to have come across a mahogany-P-90 pairing which is more meaningful to me. The bolt-on construction means there's more snap than what a Gibson could have offered in terms of tone, with the same combo. The Modern Player series were deemed a pathetic attempt by purists in selling the Fender name. This camp prefers to own a high end Squier than forking out money for any basement dwelling Fender model. But a deeper reading would reveal the fact that those people who handled the afore-mentioned glorified Squiers were indeed the ones handling the Modern Player series. 

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Ijau D. Koceng said...

1 piece solid mahogany body?