Sunday, April 21, 2019

Minion V (2)

Alright, let's take a look into the details of the Jackson Minion RR. The guitar was strung up with a set of 9s from the factory. It's too wobbly for me so the 10s were in there after a few days it made into the residence.

I thought these were gonna be bad for the money. You know, those typical entry-level, shrieky, treble excessive pickups in any of such guitars are not gonna sound good. However, these are alright for what I've designated this guitar for- absolute high gain & nothing less. Neck clarity is good & make sure you address that extra brightness coming from the bridge if you're into this. We can all do that, can't we?

From experience, I know how these labels would stain the finish of a satin type over-coat.

So it's designated to the control cavity cover together with the gang.

A look into the cavity- nothing shabby here maybe a little messy with the shielding paint but that's acceptable by my standards. All wires bound & things are looking neat & presentable for the money. Have a feeling that selector switch is not gonna last.

These tuners are decent. Out of the box, two of them were loose & one was over-tightened. It's got nothing to do with them being faulty, just a little less meticulous treatment of the tension screws back at the factory.

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