Sunday, September 6, 2015

Gibson 2016 (that's right)

Last year, Gibson revealed their 2015 line-up in the final quarter of the year. It is no surprise that this year, they did likewise. More importantly, the 2016 line-up (what's revealed thusfar) reverted to more sensible prices. The Gibson SG Standard T you see here is listing for USD1,199. It's devoid of whatever failed details 2015 had to offer so everything is back to what they should be. The implication is rather glaring; they are actually able to keep costs down so you now know (many of us already did) you are screwed price-wise along the way. The headache, especially so for dealers, is to deal with the 2015 extras when the 2016 stock hit the shelves.

There's a catch though- this one comes with a bag only, no hard case included.

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